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REVEALED: The Key TINY Element That Changed Red Bull’s Course From The Struggle To The Dominance

This year, team Red Bull has won all 15 races in a row. Clearly, it has been a unique domination for an F1 team. Although the last year was special for one driver, in particular, Max Verstappen won 15 races last season. The Dutchman broke the most wins in a season record of Sebastian Vettel and Michael Schumacher. The previous best was 13 Grand Prix wins. However, if that was not enough to dominate the grid, Red Bull took it to another level this year. After 14 races in 2023, Red Bull still remains unbeaten, and Max Verstappen won 12 so far. He broke another Sebastian Vettel, former Red Bull champion’s record of nine consecutive wins.

If Red Bull’s drivers get yet another win in the next Grand Prix at the Singaporean GP, they will break their own record of the most successful car model. It won’t be easy because of the street circuit in Singapore. However, in the previous week, the packaging differences between RB18 and RB19 were available to point out. It looked similar externally but way more different under the skin of the car. Recently, the drawings of Giorgio Piola show the crucial distinction between the two car models.


Giorgio Piola’s Drawings Show The Difference Of The Chassis Of RB18 & RB19

Red Bull RB19
Red Bull RB19 Source: Autosport

No wonder the RB19 was an even better upgrade than its predecessor, RB18. The chassis of the car is of a whole other section. It is in RB19 much more V-shaped. But the RB18 car was much longer, square-edged, and flat. The new profile of the RB19 car creates more space for underfloor tunnels with more aggressive shapes. It will help to deliver even more and greater downforce. From the last week’s observation, the experts can reach a conclusion.

Apparently, Red Bull’s team re-sited the cooling system even higher up. It helped the engineers get their desired shape for the tunnels. They have a lot of aerodynamic gain, and it increases the center of gravity height. Moreover, the totally re-shaped chassis helped in the re-packaging of the car. Currently, RB19 of Red Bull is enjoying success jointly with Red Bull’s RB9 in 2013 and Ferrari 500 in the 1952-53 seasons. Can RB19 break the record in the Singaporean GP?          

Red Bull Can Break Many Records With RB19

Max Verstappen
BARCELONA – Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen in the RB18 during the third and final day of testing at Spain’s Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya prior to the start of the Formula 1 season. ANP ROBIN VAN LONKHUIJSEN (Photo by ANP via Getty Images)

In the Italian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen won his 10th straight Grand Prix win. But for all these glories, the credit not only goes to the driver. The main credit should go to the car designer cum the Red Bull’s CTO, Adrian Newey, and the engine partner, Honda. Moreover, every fan was wondering how fast RB18 was last season.

But the RB19 car proved that Red Bull could build an even faster car than the fast RB18 car last season. Moreover, the Red Bull rival, Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes, mentioned the RB19 car is the fastest vehicle he has ever seen on the grid. He even compared the Red Bull car with some of the fastest cars he has driven in his dominant era. Even then, Lewis Hamilton believes RB19 is way faster than all of them.