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REVEALED: Team Red Bull Bringing More Upgrades In Second Half Of The 2023 F1 Season?

Team Red Bull has been dominating the Formula One grid since the last season. It all started after Max Verstappen won the 2021 Driver’s World Championship. But Mercedes won their eighth consecutive Constructor title that year. However, from 2022 it was all Red Bull’s game. There has been no stopping the Austrian team and its driver Max Verstappen. Last year, Red Bull won 17 races thanks to their superior car and driver. Max Verstappen won 15 races alone in 2022.

It is a record in the history of the sport. But the Dutchman is on his way to breaking his own record this year. Again, Red Bull has been successful enough to produce the fastest car on the grid in the cost-cap era. Hence, it is only understandable if the Milton Keynes team plans to start preparing to dominate the next year as well. They would like to produce an even faster car than RB19. Recently, in an interview with Sky Sports F1, Christian Horner mentioned they might not introduce any more upgrades to RB19 anymore.


Red Bull Boss Mentions No More Upgrades To RB19

Red Bull Christian Horner
Christian Horner Red Bull Source: Autosport

Even if they don’t add more upgrades, Horner mentioned that there might be some bits and pieces specific to certain circuits. However, Christian Horner mentioned that his team will be careful about the wind tunnel time. It is because what they have is a lot less than their opponents. Hence, they must be selective about the usage of their resources. Moreover, Red Bull has got only six more months to work on the 2024’s car with a lot less wind tunnel time.

This reduction of the wind tunnel time is a penalty for the team mainly because of breaching the cost cap limit in 2021. Moreover, Red Bull has got CFD restrictions all year long as well. But Christian Horner wants to credit the team back in Milton Keynes for finding the balance between the RB19 and the next year’s car. Moreover, Christian Horner is proud of the work people back in the factory are doing. They are applying themselves to the challenge at hand. As a result, Red Bull is moving towards making history. The Red Bull boss is proud of the fact that they have won 20 of the last 21 races and says it is a dream come true.

Mercedes’ Loss Is Red Bull’s Gain

Christian Horner Toto Wolff Red Bull Mercedes
Christian Horner Red Bull Toto Wolff Mercedes Source: MARCA

Other teams are struggling with their car, especially since the cost cap era. None more so than Mercedes, the arch-rivals of Red Bull. They have lost their grip on the title and let the Austrian team take their place. That’s what the Milton Keynes team has used to its full advantage. Moreover, Red Bull’s RB19 can be the fastest car ever produced in Formula One. They have won all 12 races so far, and only ten more to go.

Red Bull can achieve what no other team in the history of the sport has been able to do. Christian Horner’s team can win all races of the season. They can beat the record of McLaren in 1988 when they fell one short of all race wins in the season. Already Horner’s team has beaten 1988’s McLaren in terms of consecutive Grand Prix wins. But they don’t want to stop here, they want to achieve more with the fastest car on the grid.