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Revealed! New York Yankees Plans For The Upcoming Trade Deadline Decoded

This season’s summer trade deadline is approaching in a few days, and anticipation among the fans is huge especially the New York Yankees fans. Since the current roster is headed down the disaster road, the loyal Yankee fan base has laid hopes on outside help. Hence, as the deadline inches closer, the fans desperately want to understand the front office’s trade plans.

Following Friday’s loss to Baltimore Orioles, the Yankees have slipped four games behind the playoff wildcard spot. The return of big man Aaron Judge did not leave much of an impact. Meanwhile, as the trade deadline closes on Tuesday, an MLB insider has decoded the club’s trade plans which might further come as a disappointment to the fans.


Yankees To Reportedly Avoid Trading Stars At Trade Deadline

Brian Cashman
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In the past week weeks, almost every available trade candidate has been linked to the New York Yankees. The club is expected to be buyers at the deadline. However, the sudden return of Captain Aaron Judge has brought about a change in plans. According to Tim Britton of Athletic, the Yanks might avoid trading any star player at the trade deadline. While the club will play the role of active buyers, the sign-ins are unlikely to be significant. Tim decided that the market remains more suitable for sellers right now. Moreover, the available position players do not fit well into Yank’s needs. Hence, at most, the Yankees might choose to add a couple of rental options as a platoon for Jake Bauers and Billy McKinney.

Tim Britton further claimed that the New York Yankees are heavily banking on Aaron Judge to turn the season around for them. Judge, despite missing more than two months due to injury, remains the club’s lead run scorer. While he remains restricted to DH’s role for now, the hope is that he will eventually return to the field. Also the struggling veterans might also come around owing to the captain’s charismatic presence and support. Hence, the Yankees front office firmly believes that the current roster possesses the capability to lift the team to the postseason. A few short-term explosions from the offense would do the job for the club. However, with less than 60 games at hand, time is running out for the 27-time World Series champions.

Aaron Boone Plays Down Hype Around Trade Deadline

Aaron Boone
New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone speaks to reporters before a baseball game against the Los Angeles Angels in Anaheim, Calif., Wednesday, July 19, 2023. Ashley Landis – staff, ASSOCIATED PRESS

Amid raging trade rumors, New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone seemingly downplayed the hype around the trade deadline. The rumor market is buzzing with wild speculations. The fans expect the club to make a major sign-in in a few days. However, the team manager, Aaron Boone, has downplayed the hype. He said that he had kept himself away from trade talks and left the decision-making to general manager Brian Cashman.

Moreover, Aaron Boone added that, to his knowledge, the Yankees are yet to hold any substantial talks with any team for any trade candidate. The front office is yet to lose faith in the current roster. The majority of the club’s officials still believe the roster can make it to the postseason. Hence, any major trades at the deadline look unlikely for now.