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REVEALED: Max Vertsappen’s Unique & Unorthodox RB19 Set Up Which Is Expediting His Success In Red Bull

Max Verstappen’s meteoric rise in Formula 1 has been nothing short of spectacular. Verstappen, who joined the Red Bull in 2016, quickly made a name for himself with his aggressive driving style and fearless overtaking maneuvers. Having said that, it’s not only the Dutch driver’s personal brilliance that makes him a successful driver on the gird. The car designed by Adrian Newey plays a huge role as well.

This season, Max Verstappen has got his hands on the fastest machinery the sport has witnessed in recent history, RB19. It’s fast and runs like a bullet on DRS. However, compared to Sergio Perez, Max has been able to generate unimaginable performance from the car. Recently, Red Bull’s technical director opened up on attributes that help the Dutchman in becoming the most fierce driver on the grid.


Max Verstappen’s Ability To Control Sensitive Front End Helps Him Gaining An Edge Over His Rivals

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Credit: Red Bull Racing

Red Bull Racing’s technical director, Pierre Wache, recently shed light on Max Verstappen’s unique driving style. He said that the Dutch drivers prefer a responsive car with a sensitive front end. It’s very unlikely in the sport to have a driver who demands an unstable car. But Max Verstappen has the ability to control as well as generate performance from the front end of the car. This attribute sets him apart from his peers as the majority of the drivers demand stronger rears. Generating performance from the rear is a relatively tougher task. Max’s unique attribute allows the engineers back in Milton Keynes to make the car faster.

Despite Verstappen’s unique setup preferences, they have proven to be remarkably effective. Further, Pierre lauded the Dutch driver’s winning mindset. He says that Verstappen’s demands are as high as his talent. He understands the unpredictable nature of the sport. Not once has the team taken his success and winning streak for granted. Each day is a new day for them to fight to win. “We have the same goal in mind and the same mentality,” added Wache. This strong bond between Max Verstappen and his team is what makes Red Bull the lethal force they are currently. The duo has taken over complete control of the sport and set on a path to record an undefeatable season for the first time in F1 history.

Aston Martin Principal Labels Red Bull Ace “Underrated”

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen remains the undisputed champion of Formula One. After recording the 10th consecutive win of the 2023 season, the Dutch driver intends to record a defeatless season for Red Bull Racing. Having said that, not many are fans of Max’s unwavering dominance. He is constantly booed by the crowd at each race weekend. Not only that, Verstappen has been ridiculed by his own peers on the grid.

However, for a change, Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack has come out in support of Max Verstappen. He applauded the driver’s synergy with his car, RB19, by calling it “outstanding.” Krack feels this kind of combination is rare to see in modern-day Formula One, where things are constantly evolving. Hence, the Dutchman deserves full credit and should be acknowledged for the same.