Lewis Hamilton Alcohol
Lewis Hamilton Alcohol Source: SDP Noticias

Sir Lewis Hamilton is trying his best to get back to winning ways. He is always looking for ways to figure out what he can do to improve. It has been a long time since the F1 fans saw him at the top of the podium. The last time the seven-time champion won a Grand Prix was in Saudi Arabia in 2021. Since then, he has been through his first winless season in 2022.

Later, in 2023, he has been winless again with two more races to go. But as things stand, it looks like he’ll have to wait a while till he wins a Grand Prix again. Recently, in an interview with Vogue, Lewis Hamilton mentioned he suffered a lot because of alcohol in his career. Moreover, it was not adding anything to his life, rather, it was detracting him from life.


Why Did The Seven-Time Champion Gave Up Alcohol?

Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen
Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen Source: PlanetF1

In fact, the seven-time champion admits that alcohol threw him off his peak while training. But now he is in a much better state of mind as he stopped drinking alcohol in the last four months. He believes avoiding alcohol has helped him sleep better and feel better. Now, Lewis Hamilton believes he can still wake up at 5 am. Lately, he also finished second in the Mexican Grand Prix. Hence, it is surely helping the seven-time champion. But the reason why he gave an interview to Vogue is because he recently launched a non-alcoholic tequila brand called Almave. This new tequila brand signifies Hamilton’s new vow that he won’t consume alcohol ever again.

But in F1, alcohol has always played a prominent role. In every Grand Prix, the three podium finishers always receive champagne. More often than not, the drivers generally spray the champagne all over instead of consuming it. Lewis Hamilton always enjoyed the alcoholic version of tequila. But before race day or night, he will need to have a clear mind. That’s the reason why he launched this new brand that won’t compromise on quality or authenticity. 

Lewis Hamilton Is Not Giving Up On The Dream To Win Eight Titles

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Source: SportsMax

Moreover, Mercedes is not in the best state to provide a fast car to beat Red Bull’s Max Verstappen. Even Lewis Hamilton mentioned in the post-race interview in Sao Paolo, Brazil, that he is just counting the days till he has to drive the awful W14 car. That car has been of no help for Hamilton and Mercedes to finish at the top of the podium. But its predecessor W13, even with more porpoising issues, was able to deliver a win in Brazil last year.

Hence, as it looks, Mercedes and Hamilton might end without a GP win this year. But they are eager to bounce back next year and try to catch up to their rivals, Red Bull. Since last year, Red Bull and Max Verstappen have dominated the grid. But Lewis Hamilton is not somebody who gives up so easily. There is a reason why he’s among the greats of the game and has won seven titles. Even in this tough period, the British legend is looking for that extra 1% that all athletes crave.