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Jan 7, 2023; Sacramento, California, USA; Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James (6) reacts after being called for an offensive foul against the Sacramento Kings in the fourth quarter at the Golden 1 Center. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James has been part of the NBA for twenty years. Generally, players don’t play for this long time. But LBJ decided to play at least for another season with the Los Angeles Lakers. He has been part of the Lakers since 2018. The King helped the LA side win their 17th title in the 2020 bubble championship. Since then, it has been three years, but there are no more championships for either the LA side or King James.

Moreover, he has been the face of the NBA for a long time now. After all these years of staying at the top of his game, LBJ faced a lot of fans from different states in the USA and also from the rest of the world. But one in particular that LeBron James really hates belongs to the Boston Celtics. Recently, in an interview with The Shop Season 5, LBJ noted there was an incident a decade ago when a Celtics fan threw a beer bottle at him.


Why LeBron James Hates The Celtics Fans?

LeBron James
LeBron James Source: Sports Illustrated

On June 7, 2012, during Game 6 between the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics, while LBJ was about to leave, somebody threw a beer at him. Later, LeBron James led the Heat to victory against the Celtics in Game 7. Moreover, King James mentioned he really hates the Celtics fans because they are extreme racists. Adding to that, LeBron James mentioned in Boston, they have a section in their arena where the fans wear “F**k LBJ” t-shirts. That’s how mean and hostile the Celtics fans can be towards the visitors.

Moreover, LeBron James believed the Celtics fans were selling these t-shirts in the team shop, and the Celtics management had something to do with that. But it’s not just LBJ; also, Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors faced similar hostility in Boston. Especially during the 1980s, when the Lakers-Celtics rivalry was turning heels over heads, Magic Johnson and his team faced similar situations in Boston. Even to this day, the Lakers-Celtics rivalry is among the biggest rivalry in the NBA. Moreover, LeBron James must lead the Lakers to victory against all odds.   

LeBron James Is Not Looking To Hang His Boots Next Year

However, the man from Akron, Ohio, has been waiting for his 5th title for a long time, and he wants it before he hangs his boots. Last season, the Lakers came very close to winning their 18th title. However, the eventual champions, Denver Nuggets, blew them away in four games of the Western Conference Finals. It was so humiliating that LBJ hinted at his retirement twice. But he changed his mind after seeing the potential in the roster for the new season. King James agreed to participate in his 21st NBA season.

LeBron James Nike Shoes
LeBron James Nike Shoes Source: CNBC

Moreover, LeBron James can also participate in the next year’s Paris Olympics. He has not played in the last couple of Olympics. But the way Team USA performed in the last FIBA World Cup made it apparent that they needed some reinforcements. Hence, the call to lead the country in the Paris Olympics went to LBJ. As per rumors, King James is already planning to recruit a modern generation Dream Team for the next Olympics. Hence, LeBron James is not looking to retire at 39.