Draymond Green Warriors
Draymond Green Warriors Source: The Hollywood Reporter

The Golden State Warriors depend greatly on their tripod – Steph Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson. After all, they would not be a modern-day dynasty without this tripod. However, they were the defending champions when they faced the LA Lakers in the second round of the playoffs last season. The good old rivalry between LeBron James and Steph Curry was full-on display.

However, the Dubs could not hold their nerves against the Lakers, and that was the end of the last season for them. Hence, the Warriors have been looking for redemption this ongoing season. But they didn’t have a promising first half of the regular season. Moreover, fans and experts are not happy with Draymond Green. 


Why Can’t The Warriors Let Dray Green Go?

Draymond Green Stephen Curry LeBron James
Draymond Green and Stephen Curry (Warriors) plus LeBron James (Lakers)

The Dubs are quite aware of the advantages and disadvantages of having Draymond Green on their roster. This season, they wanted to start well, and they did. But the five-game suspension of Dray Green really put the Warriors on their back foot. Later, they lost six games on the trot. And when Green returned, he got involved in another foul that cost the team the game against the OKC Thunder. Later, Green received his second suspension only after 22 games of the regular season. He has been a bit too problematic for the Warriors. Experts like First Take’s Stephen A Smith condemned Steph Curry for not being able to control Green as the team’s leader.

But it seems no matter what, the Dubs won’t let Green go. Recently, a source told Steve Bulpett of Heavy Sports that he gets the impression that the Warriors don’t think they can win without the Big Green. Dray Green is essential to the GSW in terms of how they play and how they want to win. Perhaps the assessment is true, as Green’s intensity, underrated assists, and defense played crucial roles in establishing the Warriors dynasty. However, many fans blame Green for fouling LeBron James in the 2016 finals. If it was not for that foul, the Dubs would have another championship banner hanging. 

The Dub Nation Still Has Faith In The Tripod

Klay Thompson Warriors Stephen Curry Draymond Green
Klay Thompson Stephen Curry Draymond Green Warriors Source: Heavy.com

Before these three great players started playing alongside each other for the GSW, the franchise had last won an NBA championship in 1975. Since then, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Chicago Bulls dominated the game along with the Boston Celtics. But the team based in San Francisco was nowhere near the top. It took them almost 40 years to win their fourth title. But thanks to the tripod.

Moreover, the coach, Steve Kerr, deserves a lot of credit. He was part of a dynasty in the NBA as a player when he played alongside Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman for the Chicago Bulls back in the 1990s. But Kerr brought all those experiences into account when he became the coach of the Dubs. With such an experienced coach and the tripod, the Golden Stet Warriors went on to win four titles in eight years. From 2015 to 2018, the Dubs won three itself. Later, in 2022, the Warriors won their fourth in eight and seventh title overall.