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Retired Star Confirms LeBron James’ Plan For A Potential NBA Team Purchase!

LeBron James has been among the greats of the game of basketball for two decades. People generally count him among the names like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Needless to say, James’ records speak for themselves. This year itself, he broke the NBA’s all-time scoring record of ‘Captain’ Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Hence, the new all-time leading scorer is none other than LeBron James. That event of becoming the new leader of all-time scoring was one of the greatest moments in the NBA, especially in recent times.

LeBron’s achievements are not only on the basketball court. He is also the first NBA player to become a billionaire as an active player. In fact, he is the second-richest basketball player after Michael Jordan at present. But MJ became a billionaire after retirement. That has been his dream to play alongside his son in NBA. Then he might retire. But what will he do next? There have been times when LeBron James gave a hint that he might want to own an NBA team at some point in his life.


LeBron James Can Own An NBA Team After Retirement Like MJ

LeBron James Michael Jordan
LeBron James Michael Jordan Source: The Mirror

As Michael Jordan did with Charlotte Hornets, LeBron James might do it with some other team. Recently, Michael Jordan sold his major share of the Charlotte Hornets for a deal worth $3 billion. On the other hand, James is already worth more than a billion dollars. According to Spotrac, until his current Lakers contract expires in a couple of years, his on-court earnings will add $530 million approximately. Hence, money is never going to be an issue for King James. Moreover, NBA Legend Tracy McGrady suggests King James can buy the Las Vegas team when the league expands in the next three years. Hence, King James can become the owner of an expansion franchise.

For a long time, there have been rumors about Las Vegas as well as Sin City to have expansion teams in the NBA. If that happens in the future, then King James would love to be part of those teams as an owner. On top of that, he owns some stakes in the Liverpool Soccer Club. Moreover, he endorses big brands like Mcdonald’s, Pepsi, Walmart, Beat Electronics, and so on. There was a time when he used to endorse Sprite due to a long-term partnership with the Coca-Cola brand. But they parted ways in 2022. Since then, he has signed a multi-year contract with PepsiCo.

King James Is A Spectacular Businessman

LeBron James
LeBron James Source: Business Insider

On the other hand, LeBron James showed everybody how good a businessman he can be, at the same time being the best basketball player. Like Michael Jordan, King James is also a Nike player. He also has a lucrative lifetime contract with Nike. Moreover, LeBron James has made some brilliant investments in the pizza food chain brand Blaze Pizza.

Now everybody is wondering what will happen next after King James finally announces his retirement. LeBron James might wait a couple of years more for Bronny, his son, to be ready to get into the league. After all these successful investments and endorsement deals, King James became a billionaire as he moves on to the 21st season of his NBA career.