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REPORTS: Yankees Surprisingly Made It To March With Least Number Of Injuries This MLB Season

The New York Yankees have been dealing with a lot of injuries in the last few seasons. That never really helped the franchise go a long distance in a season. Moreover, last year was the height of their most struggling phase with injuries. The team did not do well. They did not make the postseason for the first time since 2016. Moreover, the NY side finished fourth in the American League East with an 82-80 record. It shows they had the worst season in their franchise’s history in the last 30 years.

Moreover, the Yankees had such a long Injured List that several key players missed a lot of games. That weakened both their offense as well as defense. Moreover, the injury to the captain, Aaron Judge, was the biggest blow to their season last year. Hence, the fans and the team are very wary about the Injured List as they move toward the new season. But so far, the good news is that there have not been too many injuries on the roster this year. Moreover, the Yankees Faithful will keep their fingers crossed ahead of the new season. 


Recent Injury Updates Of The Yankees Are Filled With Promises

Aaron Boone Yankees
Aaron Boone Yankees Source: Sports Illustrated

Scott Effross, the reliever, won’t pitch due to December back surgery. He might have to wait until summertime. That’s old news, but the new injury updates concern Jose Trevino and Oswald Peraza. At the start of the spring training, the catcher Trevino sustained a calf strain. Later, the infielder Peraza sustained tightness in his throwing shoulder. So far, these are the injury cases in the Yankees camp. As predicted, the Yankees believe Jose Trevino will return to the lineup in early March after missing a couple of weeks of the Grapefruit League. On Wednesday, against the Tampa Bay Rays, or on Thursday against the Detroit Tigers, Trevino can return.

Aaron Boone lately said, “We’ll see.” Moreover, Trevino passed all tests, and there was no calf discomfort. Boone mentioned Trevino must go through his running progression this weekend. Trevino feels he’s like a caged warrior as he is ready to go. On the other hand, Aaron Boone said Peraza is not dealing with any severe injury. But the manager thinks Peraza needs to get it across the diamond. He is still not there yet. Boone said the infielder is feeling something in there. Anyway, Peraza will continue to work, and the team will see as they move forward, says Boone. 

Peraza Can Lose His Place As Backup Infielder

Oswald Peraza Yankees
Oswald Peraza Yankees Source: Minor League Baseball

In his only game in the spring training, Oswald Peraza was 0-3 with three strikeouts. The Venezuelan infielder will have to fight for his place as the team’s backup infielder. Anyhow, the beat writers of NJ Advance Media suggest this remaining option can work against Peraza.

The guys he will have to compete for the remaining spot are some non-roster infielders with major league experience. Kevin Smith, Josh VanMeter, Jeter Downs, and Jahmai Jones are the competitors for Oswald Peraza. Moreover, Peraza needs to prove his worth as its only his second year in the major league.

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