Jasson Dominguez
Jasson Domínguez points up as he crosses home after hitting his first homer in Yankee Stadium. via “X” NYY

Jasson Dominguez, popularly known as the Martian for his prolific hitting ability, prematurely debuted in major leagues last season for the New York Yankees. As a part of the youth influx, Dominguez came and proved why he totally deserved to stay long-term in the big leagues.

A 21-year-old Jasson Dominguez smashed record 4 home run in 8 games post debut before a UCL tear injury shut him down for 10 months. The outfielder went through Tommy John surgery and accordingly has been in rehabilitation ever since. That being said, with his return timeline inching closer, Yankees manager finally came up with a positive update.


Jasson Dominguez Throwing From 135 Feet, Return Timeline Still Uncertain!

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The New York Yankees’ Martian’ Jasson Dominguez caught the baseball world’s attention with his extraordinary debut in pinstripes. In his debut game, Jasson smoked a home run to script a franchise history. He went on to add 3 more moonshots to the tally before a UCL tear injury shunted his growth. Dominguez showed unhinged potential and was on the course to script something historic for the franchise before fate chose to test the kid. The Yanks failed to pick up the UCL tear injury on time, and Tommy John surgery was the only option left for the outfielder. He went under the knife in October and has been under rehabilitation ever since. While Jasson stayed with the team during spring, he recently started to throw from 135 feet at the club’s training complex in Tampa.

That being said, New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone recently shared an update on the Martian and disclosed that Jasson Dominguez is taking batting practice and that he’s a few weeks away from getting in games. The present timeline allows Dominguez to return in mid-July. But the Yanks are uncertain about his timeline. Having said that, it would be interesting to see if Boone decided to either directly reinstate Dominguez into the majors or option him to Triple-A for some minor league at-bats. With the Bomber’s outfield depth overspilling, the 22-year-old seems better off in the minors, as there’s no point in rushing the kid who has a whole career lying ahead of himself. Also, the outfield positioning is subject to change over the second half of the season. Hence, Aaron Boone must move cautiously with Dominguez.

BT Calls Yankees Hitting Lineup A ‘Mess’

Aaron Judge (Yankees)
After his 0-for-4 night on Wednesday, Judge is now hitting .178 to begin the regular season. AP

After dropping the ball against a bottom-placed Athletics in the series opener, the New York Yankees bounced back to win two games on the trot to take a 2-1 lead into the four-game series. However, Brandon Tierney of WFAN radio urged fans to look at the bigger picture and not get fooled by the win, as the Yanks hitting lineup is still a mess.

“It’s still dormant. The Yankees have inherent issues with their offense,” Tierney said on his radio show. Indeed, the Yanks hitters failed to come through in the series finale as a 3-1 loss forced them to split the series with a dispirited Oakland Athletics. The issues are far deeper for the Yanks, and they must fix everything as soon as possible.

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