Blake Snell Padres
Blake Snell Padres Source: CBS Sports

The New York Yankees are not feeling great about their pitching situation at the moment. They don’t have a starting partner for Gerrit Cole yet. In the last few seasons, the NY side did not have trouble with a lack of options in the bullpen. On the contrary, the Bronx Bombers had a pretty deep pitching department. But that was not helping the team to make the postseason or go as far as the World Series. But the Yankees needed a lot more power in their offense.

However, to get the offensive power, they had to trade plenty of the resources they had in their bullpen. As a result, the outfield might look stronger than ever. But the pitching department is just worsening. Moreover, missing out on the chance to bring Yoshinobu Yamamoto as the starting pitcher alongside Gerrit Cole hurt them deeply. That’s why the Yankees are still in the market looking for a starter. Some say they should get Blake Snell. Perhaps the Bombers are thinking about it too. 


Yankees Captain Gave A Hint About Their Intention To Land Blake Snell

Aaron Judge Yankees Roberto Clemente Award
Aaron Judge Yankees Roberto Clemente Award Source:

Aaron Judge has a foundation, All Rise, that aims to inspire the youth to be responsible citizens. Recently, on the Instagram page of All Rise, Judge hinted at his approval of the idea to bring Blake Snell to the Yankees. The Instagram post has an interesting message that goes something like this, “When someone is struggling, it is better to remind that person who they really are.” Moreover, the message reads that it is essential to hype that person up and make them feel they are on top of the world. That’s what makes a good teammate because if they can do it for the team, then gradually, one person and then two start going.

Eventually, the team gets on a winning streak and then special things can start happening. That whole message fits perfectly for the Yankees team and how the 2023 season went for them. If Snell joins the team eventually, the NY side will have a proven pitcher as he’s a two-time Cy Young winner. Moreover, in 2023, he finished with a 14-9 record. At 2.25, Snell managed 234 strikeouts. Moreover, he will expect a contract worth $100 million less than that of Yamamoto’s. Additionally, he’s a perfect pair for Gerrit Cole and a great teammate. Hence, with Blake Snell, it is a win-win situation for the NY Yankees. 

2023 Was A Wake-Up Call For The Bombers

Aaron Judge Yankees
Aaron Judge Yankees Source: CNN

Last season was a wake-up call as the team didn’t qualify for the postseason for the first time since 2016. Hence, the team was desperate to find reinforcements. Moreover, Aaron Judge said that whatever last year, their main goal is to reach the “Big Dance” as it has been a really long wait. The Yankees Nation knows pretty well about the “Long wait” the captain was talking about.

The Yankees haven’t been to the World Series since 2009, the last time they won it. And in 2023, the Pinstripes fell really low as they finished with an 82-80 record. Moreover, it was a tremendous shame as it has been one of the worst seasons in the last 30 years. Hence, the NY side was desperate to make all the necessary changes to rebuild this team.