Frankie Montas
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The New York Yankees are now officially out of the playoff race following a 7-1 loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks. They currently sit fourth in AL-East division with a 78-77 win-loss record. Regardless, the team is hoping to finish the season on a high by acing the remaining six scheduled games, three vs. Blue Jays and as many vs. Royals.

Meanwhile, Frankie Montas, who was traded back in 2022, is eyeing a late return in the final week of the regular season. The starting pitcher endured a shoulder injury, which kept him out for the entire season. However, Montas has recently recorded some progress and remains determined to return before the season ends. But will the Yankees entertain the idea?


Yankees Open To Frankie Montas’ Return Into Final Week Of The Season!

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After officially crashing the playoff hopes, the New York Yankees will lock horns with the Blue Jays and Royals this week to secure their pride. Meanwhile, Frankie Montas, who stayed out due to a shoulder injury, is in the mix of a late return. Montas joined the organization back in 2022 after being traded from Athletics. However, the trade was labeled as an absolute “failure” as the pitcher could not stay healthy. He suffered a shoulder injury shortly after the trade, which seemingly relapsed prior to this year’s spring training. Only this time, the injury happened to be much worse. Hence, Montas went under the knife, and his 2023 season seemed over.

However, last week, Frankie Montas commenced a rehab assignment with Triple-A and pitched two scoreless innings. It caught the fans by surprise since the Yankees had been on radio silence on Montas’ rehab progress. Nevertheless, Aaron Boone, the skipper, admitted that the pitcher’s return this season is a possibility. The team management is currently looking at his progress in the minor league and will take a decision accordingly. Having said that, his potential return does not mean much. Montas is likely to be ousted next off-season. Nothing he does in the remaining six games can rebuild his lost case. At best, he can use the opportunity to find suitors in the free agency. All things considered, Montas’ comeback chances are very slim in the remaining meaningless games.

Aaron Judge Apparently Has “Ideas” To Fix The Broken Yanks!

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Meanwhile, as the New York Yankees fell out of the playoff race, captain Aaron Judge got brutally honest with the media. He labeled the season a “failure” and promised to get things fixed. Judge added that he has got some ideas that involve everyone. “It’s gonna take all of us, it’s gonna be talking with everybody in the organization, all the way down through the minor leagues,” said Aaron Judge.

However, the Yankees captain refused to elaborate on those “plans.” He said that he would rather keep it in-house. Judge, being the captain of the franchise, will have a big role to play in the upcoming off-season. He is likely to pick his team, which he thinks stands a stronger chance to win the World Series title. Overall, one can expect a lot of scuffles in the Bronx towards the end of the year.