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The New York Yankees have done a remarkable job this offseason. Indeed, they have made significant changes this winter. That was their plan all along. Moreover, they made reinforcements in their outfield and offense. It was necessary because the NY side had the second-worst batting average in the league last year. Moreover, they had only one superstar slugger as, Aaron Judge was in top form until he hurt his toe after a freak accident. The captain missed 35 games on the trot. That really was a big blow to the Yankees in 2023.

Eventually, they failed to make the postseason. But now, the NY side looks solid in their outfield after adding quite possibly the best hitter in baseball, Juan Soto. After landing the Dominican superstar, the fans can dream about winning their 28th World Series title. Indeed, the current roster of the Bronx Bombers has more balance than last year. Moreover, if the team can stay healthy, they can go a long distance together. However, there may be four guys who may not survive the whole season. Brian Cashman is not over with his trade plans. 


Which Members From The 40-Man Roster Can Leave Before The End Of The Upcoming Season?

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As per FanSided, the Yankees can trade a few veterans to bring in more young players for roster flexibility. Moreover, the NY side has five catchers, weirdly enough. In the regular season, the Bronx Bombers might use Austin Wells and Jose Trevino as their primary tandem. Hence, Ben Rortvedt might not get much playing time. But the NY side might keep him around for depth. However, there’s a possibility that Rortvedt might impress other teams in the Spring Training. They might want Ben as their starter. Brian Cashman would then have to trade him for a simple deal, not any blockbuster trade. On the other hand, Everson Pereira doesn’t look like staying on the roster the entire season. He is just 22 years old. Moreover, Pereira has good bat speed and is pretty athletic.

For him, the Yankees can get a good value as a prospect on the trade market. Last season, Pereira looked a bit too matched during his late-season call-up. Then, Oswald Peraza, who lost the shortstop position to Anthony Volpe last year, will be in the minor league system. It is highly likely that Peraza might look for a super-sub role. He might break camp in MLB and get plenty of at-bats with every infield position rather than first base. That should tell the Yankees about the kind of player he can become in the big league. If there’s any problem with his development and managing playing time in MLB, Cashman can use Peraza for a big-time trade. 

The Pinstripes Can Trade Gleyber Torres Too

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Gleyber Torres will look for a big contract soon. Moreover, he was the most consistent player on the NY side last year. However, the team has a new salary structure. The new contract that Torres might ask for may not seem reasonable to Brian Cashman. It is not rocket science to figure out the answer regarding who the Yankees would like to keep for a longer time – Torres or Soto?

If things go well in 2024, Brian Cashman might actually sign a mega extension with the Dominican superstar. Hence, a big deal between the Yankees and Torres seems out of the question. Anyhow, the upcoming season might answer a lot of questions for the fans as well as the front office. 

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