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The New York Yankees have been through a lot since last year. It was nothing short of a tremendous shame for the fans and the whole organization not to make the postseason. After all, they are the most successful team in the history of the sport. The Bronx Bombers are arguably the biggest reason why the game is so popular. But this iconic franchise has failed to reach the “Big Dance” for more than a decade now. Last year, the NY side had an 82-80 record. They barely managed to maintain the streak of winning seasons.

However, the Yankees did well in the offseason to reinforce their offense and outfield. After adding Juan Soto alongside Aaron Judge really makes the Bronx Bombers a worthy contender for the 2024 World Series. On the other hand, the Yankees might be more worried about their shaky starting pitcher’s group. Anyway, the NY side can rely on the depth of their hitting lineup. There have been a lot of noticeable improvements in the current lineup since the terrible 2023 season ended. Even the bottom of the hitting lineup shows positive signs. 


Unlike Last Year, The Yankees Might Have A Formidable Batting Depth

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In 2023, several games made the Yankees Nation feel like they were watching a slog. The reason for that was their bottom of the lineup did not have the spark. Moreover, the positions between the 7th and 9th ranked 26th in the league with a 74 wRC+. Even the top order failed to deliver in 2023. They ranked 13th with a 111 wRC+. None of the sections in the Yankees lineup was on par last year. However, as per Pinstripe Alley, the imbalance between the top and the bottom sections of the batting order was greater than what was the case with other teams. Anyway, that’s in the past, and the future looks brighter so far. However, DJ LeMahieu will take time to recover.

In the meantime, the players that might take the positions between 7th and 9th are Alex Verdugo (7), Jose Trevino (8), and Anthony Volpe (9). Aaron Boone might rotate in with players such as Trent Grisham and Austin Wells. According to Pinstripe Alley, if the former Boston Red Sox outfielder keeps hitting the way he has been in the last three seasons, it will be a huge plus for the Yankees. There might be a debate going on between who’s better at eight – Trevino or Wells? Moreover, the new shortstop Anthony Volpe came out a breakout season last year. He has not disappointed the team and the fans yet. 

How Might Aaron Boone Rotate The Bottom Half Of The Lineup?

Trent Grisham
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Trent Grisham came with Juan Soto to the New York Yankees in the offseason. At present, Grisham is working as the fourth outfielder of the NY side. Grisham is pretty good at walks. Last season, the former San Diego Padres outfielder averaged 4.22 pitches per at-bat. It was 9th in the league in 2023.

He maintained an average of .315 on-base percentage. Moreover, Grisham can provide the Yankees with a high end glove at a pretty important position. On the other hand, Austin Wells might get ready to play in the Opening Day. Last September, Wells displayed some slugging power with an average of .486 in 19 games for the NY side.

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