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REPORTS: Why New York Yankees’ No Facial Hair Rule Can Limit Their Roster Options?

The New York Yankees have dominated MLB for the longest time in its history. They are the most successful side in the league’s history. That being said, the Bronx Bombers have not been to the World Series since 2009. It has been a long time for this franchise to get to the “Big Dance.” Moreover, the team has disappointed their fans in the last few seasons. Lately, in the 2023 season, the NY side failed to make the postseason.

Moreover, the organization is looking to make significant changes this offseason. But how can the organization differentiate between players who work and don’t fit in their roster? Surprisingly enough, the 27-time champions have a unique way to distinguish their players from the other team players. The rule is the players must not have any beards. Moreover, the Yankees deprive their players to have beards. It is about looking like “Professionals.”


What If The No-Facial Hair Rule Becomes A Deal-Breaker In The Offseason?

Brian Wilson
Brian Wilson Source: The Daily Beast

Lately, Yankees players like Aaron Judge and Gleybar Torres have been flaunting stunning beard looks. However, the beard rule is non-negotiable, and hence, it’s winning. Now, the question is if this rule will have implications in the current offseason. The Yankees instituted the No-facial hair policy back in 1973. As per the policy, no player must display any facial hair except mustaches. However, religious reasons will have exceptions. Even the players cannot display scalp hair below the collar. However, the organization does not ban long sideburns and muttonchops. Hence, the late George Steinbrenner would not like if the players breached the rule. But in 2023 is it really worth it to be a deal-breaker?

Moreover, the Yankees also want to bring back Jordan Montgomery. But the Rangers pitcher has a beard. Now, how would Hal Steinbrenner or Brian Cashman handle that deal? Would they ask Montgomery to “Go and get rid of it.” Then, it would be Jordan’s choice if he can be that flexible to get rid of his beard. Even a decade ago, the beard policy created problems when the Yankees were eyeing to sign Brian Wilson, the relief pitcher. Brian Cashman said other staff in the team told him not to even bother about Wilson. If the Yankees do the same thing with the current available free agents, it can cause a lot of problems.

Yankees Must Be Flexible If They Want To Land The Players They Really Need

Aaron Judge Yankees
Aaron Judge Yankees Source: NY1

Clearly, their old philosophy is not working at present. They need something new and different. Moreover, the Yankees need more strength in their offense to bolster their batting average next season. Last season, the Bronx Bombers had the second-worst batting average behind only the Oakland Athletics. On top of that, the Yankees had an 82-80 record last season. Moreover, they could not make the postseason for the first time since 2016.

Hence, things are not going in the right direction for the NY side for the previous seasons. That’s the reason why the Yankees are looking to bring reinforcements this offseason. They’ve close eyes on superstar potential free agents like Juan Soto, Cody Bellinger, Yoshinobu Yamamoto, and so on. Moreover, they are also waiving players who do not fit their roster anymore.