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The Golden State Warriors are not willing to give up on Stephen Curry just yet. Indeed, the 2023-24 season has not been a season to remember for the modern-day Dynasty. The Dub Nation wanted the team to win their fifth title in ten years. That would make the Dubs Dynasty as great as the Los Angeles Lakers dynasties of the 1980s and 2000s. It was the same team, and the head coach was the same. But the team collectively failed to make a mark in the current season. It was really heartbreaking for the Dubs Nation to see the Sacramento Kings knocking the Warriors out of the postseason.

Moreover, Klay Thompson was a big disappointment for the GSW during the play-in game against the Kings. He had a scoreless night when the team needed him the most. Moreover, Draymond Green messed up the current season from the very start with back-to-back suspensions. Hence, several fans believe the Dynasty is over. However, Stephen Curry and Draymond Green are still under contract with GSW. But Klay Thompson will be an unrestricted free agent this offseason. Hence, there is a good possibility of big changes coming for the Dubs this offseason. 


Will Warriors Sign Another Star Who Might Fit Alongside Stephen Curry?

LeBron James Stephen Curry
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It has been a disappointing end to the ongoing season for the Dubs. Moreover, Steph Curry is running out of his finest form. Before he loses his prime completely, the Warriors should look to sign another star who can help them win, maybe one more title. Now, who is it going to be? Lately, Ramona Shelburne of ESPN spoke about the possible moves of the Warriors this offseason in an interview with The Game’s Willard & Dibs of 95.7. According to the ESPN analyst the Dubs will be looking for pairing another star with the three-point King. Steph is not getting younger, he is 36 years old. 

Moreover, Shelburne said the Warriors like to roll with some big-game hunting. Adding to that, the ESPN Analyst said that it is highly unlikely that the Dubs will “Trot out the same team, hoping that it will go better.” Clearly, some big changes coming for the Warriors. Shelburne said it is never a good plan to have a star like Stephen Curry with a mediocre cast around him. Moreover, Ramona added, “You just don’t do that.” De’Aaron Fox and the Kings got the better of the Golden State Warriors this year. Now, if the Dubs want to make another run to the playoffs with the three-point King, they must shake their roster up. 

Is There A Possible KD Reunion?

Kevin Durant Stephen Curry Warriors
Kevin Durant Stephen Curry Warriors Source: ESPN

There have been so many stars who could not make the second round of this year’s playoffs. LeBron James with the LA Lakers failed in the first round and so did Kevin Durant with the Phoneix Suns in the same round. But it was even worse for the Golden State Warriors. The seven-time champions could not make it to the playoffs. They just could not go past the play-in stage.

 Since Durant left the Dubs, even he had been struggling in the playoffs. Perhaps it is time to reunite the old Warriors. KD won two back to back championships with the Dubs in 2017 and 2018. He was the Finals MVP on both occasions. Perhaps the team and the star are meant to reunite. Moreover, Stephen Curry would be happy to reunite with KD.

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