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The Golden State Warriors may make a lot of changes in the offseason, including the waiving of Chris Paul. They need to make a lot of significant changes this offseason because the team did not do well at all last season. Key players, including Draymond Green and Klay Thompson, had a terrible season in the 2023-2024 edition. At first, it was the back-to-back suspensions of the veteran forward that weakened the team’s defense. Then, the splash brother of Stephen Curry struggled with his shooting this year.

With Green and Thompson not performing at their best, it is really hard for the three-point King. Eventually, the Dubs failed to make the playoffs. But they did make the postseason. However, the Sacramento Kings knocked them out in the play-in tournament. Klay Thompson had a scoreless outing against the Kings. Now, the veteran shooting guard will be an unrestricted free agent. Will the GSW let Thompson go? Then, there is another veteran point guard, Chris Paul, who will be eligible for trade. Lately, there have been rumors that the Warriors might replace Paul with Russell Westbrook.


Warriors Might Sign Russell Westbrook As Potential Replacement For Chris Paul

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Last year, Chris Paul played the role of the backup point guard. He still has a year left in his four-year deal with the Dubs, which is worth $120 million. Nonetheless, the final year of the four-year $120 million contract is non-guaranteed. As a result, the Warriors can be flexible enough to waive the veteran Paul at the end of this season. Now, what kind of moves are the Dubs planning to make? Lately, ESPN’s Bobby Marks reported that Russell Westbrook is a “Fit” for the Golden State franchise. If they waive the veteran backup point guard, then the former MVP can find a place in the franchise to join.

Westbrook could be the new backup for a Warrior’s point guard, replacing Paul. In his four-year contract, Chris still has $30 million left. The Warriors can use that to land a player they need in a trade. Moreover, they can use Paul as a salary match if they want to make a big splash on the market. There might be another scenario where no team can agree to take the $30 million deal for next season. Then, the best thing the Warriors can do is waive Chris Paul. That’s the most logical thing to do. On “The TK Show,” the Dubs owner Joe Lacob mentioned that he plans to dip below the luxury tax completely in the next season.

Why Would Waiving Paul Help Execute The Owner’s Plan?

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Lacob mentioned on The TK Show, “Our plan 1 or 1A is first lets get out of the tax and perhaps they have a way to do just that.” The owner said that in February. That’s the plan they are focusing on, and it is not just below the second apron. Moreover, the Dubs owner revealed the truth behind why it is important to be out of the tax.

Lacob added that they need to be a couple of years out of the upcoming four so that they can get the repeater thing off their book. Finally, the owner said, “We just don’t want to be a repeater.” Spotrac’s Keith Smith suggested that the easiest thing for the Warriors seems to be waiving last year’s backup point guard. 

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