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Seven-time champions and dynast Golden State Warriors have hit rock bottom this NBA season. With an abysmal record of 18-22, the team sits 12th on the highly competitive Western Conference points table. Just when the fans thought the Dubs couldn’t get any worse, the team hit a new low earlier this week.

Warriors lost a road game to Memphis Grizzlies, who were, in fact, playing without stars such as Ja Morant, Desmond Bane, and several others. However, the only positive that came out of the contest was veteran Draymond Green’s return. As Green marked his comeback from a 12-game-long suspension, he shared insights on what his future will look like with the Dubs.


Draymond Green Dismisses The Idea Of Going Soft In The Aftermath Of Indefinite Suspension!

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Golden State Warriors’ veteran forward Draymond Green has been a force to be reckoned with in the NBA for the past serval years. He ranks amongst the greatest of the game and even managed to position himself as a future Hall Of Fame candidate. However, his on-court achievements have often been overshadowed by his inexcusable and unruly behavior. This season alone, he faced as many as three suspensions, the latest one being more severe than the other. In the aftermath of a scuffle with Suns Jusuf Nurick, the NBA handed an indefinite suspension to Green and ordered him to work on his mental health. The suspension lasted 12-game and Green recently made a comeback vs. the Grizzlies on Monday.

Having said that, after the loss, Draymond Green spoke to the media and suggested that he wouldn’t tone down his aggression in the aftermath of multiple suspensions. The veteran argued that he could not stop talking as he had always been an expressive and vocal player. Even if he tried to go soft, he could not, as he is not built that way. “I’m always going to be vocal. I’m never gonna stop talking,” Green said. The ‘talk’ refers to the veteran’s constant confrontation with the referees after every call. The heated exchanges have often leads to trouble as he has been penalized with flagrant fouls in the past. However, Draymond Green is not afraid and will continue to remain true to his real self on court henceforth. That being said, as long as Green stays out of physical scuffles, the Warriors can settle for the fouls.

Draymond Green Wants Warriors To Own Up To Shortcomings This Season!

Draymond Green
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Following the humiliating loss to the Memphis Grizzlies, Golden State Warriors veteran Draymond Green shared his honest take on the team’s defensive lackluster. He said the Dubs are not being able to guard even a single shooter, which is a shame. Green insisted his teammates take pride in playing defense to resolve the issue.

 “If guys won’t take pride in defense, it’s not. It’s very simple… you’ve got to take pride in your one-on-one matchup,” said Draymond Green. The Warriors’ veteran is of the opinion that unless and until each one takes ownership of their responsibilities and works accordingly to improve the areas of concern, the Dubs should not expect any positive or different results.