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Reputed aerodynamicist Adrian Newey rocked the F1 fraternity earlier this month by confirming his premature departure from Red Bull Racing. Newey, who previously served for McLaren and Williams, joined RB two decades ago and turned it into a dominant force by perfecting the modern-day F1 machinery design. 

However, the change of dynamics inside the Red Bull camp following the death of founder Dietrich Mateschitz pushed Adrian Newey into reevaluating his future goals. After much contemplation, the 65-year-old decided to leave RB in a lurch ahead of crucial engine regulation overhaul. However, the drink-based outfit has now come hard on Newey and apparently restricted his access following his departure announcement.


Adrian Newey’s Access To Red Bull Garage, Data Restricted Following 2025 Exit Confirmation

Adrian Newey

Red Bull Racing has tightened its leash on Adrian Newey after the 65-year-old abruptly dumped the team ahead of his contract expiration by the end of the 2025 season. Newey somehow talked his way out of an early exit, that too without a gardening leave, which surely left the fans and pundits a little surprised. However, with Newey being actively linked to rivals Ferrari and Aston Martin, RB team principal Christian Horner has taken some proactive measures to safeguard the confidential information of his team. As per a report from Formula Passion, Newey wasn’t allowed access to any of the drink-based team’s data and design information at the recently concluded Miami Grand Prix. 

Not only that, Adrian Newey will not be allowed a pass to the Red Bull garage in each of the remaining race weekends. Apparently, Newey has been stripped of all his F1-related duties with immediate effect. Newey’s remaining time with the team will be spent on the final development and delivery stage of the company’s hypercar RB17 project. Hence, the aerodynamicist will only be present in the RB garage when RB17 customers pay a visit. While the rumors haven’t been confirmed by the team, Christian Horner is likely believed to have made this call with the approval of Thai ownership. It’s important to note that Horner and Newey have not been on good terms for a while, and the boiling friction is what reportedly forced Newey out. It would be interesting to see how RB tackles a life with Adrian Newey with the 2026 regulation overhaul on the horizon.

Adrian Newey To Deliver Hypercar Project Before 2025 Exit!

Red Bull RB17

Red Bull’s much-anticipated hypercar project, the RB17, is expected to be unveiled by July this year. Rumors suggest that the RB17 could debut at the Goodwill Festival of Speed in July. Newey is supposedly working on the final development stage, which should be completed before the set deadline. 

Notably, Red Bull will produce only 50 units of RB17, out of which one will go to Adrian Newey as a gift to recognize his contributions. The rest of the stock will be sold at a whopping price of $6.3 million, excluding local taxes. This hypercar project was initially introduced by RB to compete with automotive giants like Mercedes and Aston Martin.

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