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REPORTS: New York Yankees’ Owner Set To Make Some MAJOR Changes After Missing Out On The Playoffs

The New York Yankees seldom had such a terrible season as they had in 2023. Anyway, the fans are not happy as the team has not won a World Series since 2009. Moreover, they are planning to make some key changes. For instance, Sean Casey won’t return as the hitting coach of the Yankees in 2024.

Similarly, there will be more changes to come for the NY side ahead of the 2024 season. That’s what Hal Steinbrenner suggested at Wednesday’s conference at Sportico’s Invest in Sports. The Yankees owner suggested they are willing to bring in some changes after the debacle of the 2023 season. However, Mr. Steinbrenner did not specify as to what would be those changes.


Yankees Owner Suggests They’ll Make Some Changes In The Offseason

Hal Steinbrenner Yankees
Hal Steinbrenner Yankees Source: Sports Illustrated

The Yankees owner mentioned some would be subtle, and some changes would not be that subtle. Perhaps Hal Steinbrenner likes to talk in riddles, as he added that some changes would come from the personnel. However, he later added that there is no necessity for it to be from the personnel. Moreover, the Yankees owner said that changes can happen in the practices, perhaps, the way they communicate. Anyway, the NY side had a lot of expectations from the 2023 season. They signed Carlos Rodon in free agency as well as brought back Aaron Judge. Moreover, the Yankees reached the ALCS last season. But the main reason why the 27-time World Series champions suffered in 2023 was injuries to key players.

The 16th captain was out for a couple of months due to a toe injury. Since August 1, Anthony Rizzo could not play owing to post-concussion syndrome. However, the Yankees were able to keep their streak alive of not losing a season as they finished with 82-80 this season. Moreover, the last time the 27-time World Series champions lost a season and performed below -.500 record happened in 1992. They finished with a record of 76-86 that season. That’s the reason why the fans wonder when the Yankees can reach the World Series again. They have not reached the World Series since winning the 2009 World Series. 

Can The Bronx Bombers Come Back Stronger Next Season?

Yankees Anthony Rizzo Aaron Judge
Yankees Anthony Rizzo Aaron Judge Source: Bleacher Report

It has been a long time for the most iconic MLB team to compete in the World Series. If that’s sad, then to make it worse, the Bronx Bombers did not even make the postseason this year. They missed out on the postseason for the first time since 2016. However, some MLB insiders suggest the team is happy with their manager, Aaron Boone, and the new captain, Aaron Judge.

But it has not been a great start for the 16th captain of the Yankees, as he could not lead his team to the playoffs in his first year as captain. However, Aaron Judge suggested that his team will bounce back stronger next season. He is trying to see the positive side of having an extra month in the offseason to get ready for the next season. But the fans are not too happy with the offseason beginning so soon for the NY franchise. Now, what the Yankees can do about it?