Lewis Hamilton
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Seven-time world champion and the most successful driver in the history of the F1, Lewis Hamilton, officially extended his stay at Mercedes till the end of 2025. On Thursday, Mercedes announced a two-year contract extension with the British driver. After the announcement, Hamilton said that he had some unfinished business left with the Silver Arrows. He needs to settle that before calling it quits.

Many speculated the unfinished business to be the revenge for the 2021 Abu Dhabi loss. On that fateful day, Lewis Hamilton was denied his eighth world championship as the race directory failed to implement safety car regulations. A human error wasted Hamilton’s year-long hard work to script history. However, the Briton squashed the speculations and revealed his true intentions.


Lewis Hamilton Intends To Take Mercedes Back At The Top

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton confident to take down Red Bull after P2 in Spain (Photo by Adam Pretty/Getty Images)

At the Monza race weekend, Lewis Hamilton talked in length about his contract extension with Mercedes. He shed light on what he meant by “unfinished business.” The Briton refuted the speculations of revenge by saying that he is not a revenge-taking person. Redemption is not on his target list. 2021 remains in the past, and there is nothing he can possibly do about it. By unfinished business, he meant to take Mercedes back to the top where they belong. The British driver elaborated, saying he and Mercedes have had the most successful run in the history of F1. While the past year has been relatively tough, Hamilton wants to see his team back to where they belong, which is where Red Bull is currently.

Lewis Hamilton’s end goal behind signing an extension contract with Mercedes is to win championships for the team. He still believes the Silver Arrows have the potential to win multiple championships. While achieving the goal will be tougher, the Briton urged his team to work together to pull it off. The 38-year-old added that despite driving for so many years, he still has room for improvement. “You’re never going to reach perfection, but the pursuit of perfection is one of the most exciting things about what we do,” said Lewis Hamilton. Having said that, Mercedes is conceptually flawed currently. To cover up the mess in the next two years will be a difficult task. It would be interesting to see if the British driver is able to settle the unfinished business before dropping curtains on his glorious career.

Hamilton To Stay Back At Mercedes Beyond 2025?

Lewis Hamilton asked Toto Wolff to imagine what it is like to be him. Rick Rycroft/AP

Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton caused a stir while speaking about his future in F1. He recently signed a two-year extension contract with Mercedes and is apparently contemplating his next contract already. At the Monza race weekend, the Briton said that he is figuring out what his next contract would look like as he is planning to stay back in F1 for a while.

Toto Wolff, Mercedes team principal, confirmed the British driver’s comments, saying the latter’s role with the team will go beyond racing commitments. Wolff cannot visualize the seven-time champion racing for any other team. Lewis Hamilton is an iconic figure in the sport, and Toto Wolff wants their careers to extend beyond racing. Overall, it seems something is brewing back in Brackley. We could certainly see Hamilton in a different role with Mercedes in the future.