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REPORTS: Lewis Hamilton At Loggerheads With FIA AGAIN Over Stand To End Red Bull’s Dominance

Formula One witnessed a power transition after the 2021 season. Red Bull dethroned Mercedes to become the ultimate champions of the sport. Since then, Lewis Hamilton and his team fought tooth and nail to end Red Bull’s dominance. But it was all in vain as the drink-based outfit went on a rampage with a record number of wins.

This year also, Red Bull defended both championships comfortably with five rounds to spare. Moreover, with the machinery available at the deck, it’s safe to say that the team would go on to dominate for a couple of more years. However, Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes is certainly not in favor of this and has once again clashed with FIA over his views to end the dominance.


Lewis Hamilton Calls For FIA Intervention To Promote Close Racing!

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Red Bull Racing, led by their star driver Max Verstappen, has been the team to beat in the 2023 F1 season. Their car has displayed remarkable speed and consistency to assert unwavering dominance. However, the team’s dominance has raised concerns about the competitiveness of the sport. Lewis Hamilton, a fierce competitor and advocate for equality and fairness in Formula 1, has repeatedly voiced his concerns about the increasing gap in performance between Red Bull and the rest of the field. He believes that a competitive balance is crucial for the sport’s sustainability and its appeal to fans. After his previous appeal was rejected and downplayed by FIA, Hamilton once again raised the issue during the USA GP.

He said that due to the predictable nature of Formula One, social engagement has witnessed a dip in 2023. Lewis Hamilton feels it is also due to lack of competition as fans want to see close and wheel-to-wheel racing. Further, the Mercedes ace urged FIA, F1’s governing body, to take necessary measures to end Red Bull’s dominance. He said the governing body needs to make the right decisions to ensure the teams are racing in close proximity. “We need more grandstands. I don’t know whether we need to lower the cost, but maybe, I don’t know,” added Lewis Hamilton. While many accuse the Briton of being a hypocrite, the lack of competitiveness in the sport is indeed a concern. Red Bull deserves credit for their success. But at the same time, to retain and increase the viewership of the sport of Formula One, something has to change.

FIA Says Cant’s Punish Team For Being Successful!

Mohammed ben Sulayem
FIA President Mohammed ben Sulayem has condemned the “sustained toxicity” on social media (David Davies/PA) (PA Wire)

Meanwhile, the FIA president has hit back at Lewis Hamilton and said that they cannot tweak regulations to punish a team for attaining success. Mohammed ben Sulayem believes that it’s not fair to intervene as the sport of Formula One is not new to dominance. Having said that, the president is open to suggestions.

He says that he will be all ears to any suggestions that make the sport more fair and democratic without punishing Max Verstappen or his team, Red Bull alone. Well, the debate is never-ending. It existed during Mercedes’ era of dominance and will continue to stay till Red Bull’s era comes to an end. It’s better for teams to focus on machinery developments without hoping for FIA’s intervention.