LeBron James, Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James, left, poses for a photo with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar after James become the NBA’s all-time leading scorer during the second half of an NBA basketball game Tuesday against the Oklahoma City Thunder in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

LeBron James, the All-NBA forward for the Los Angeles Lakers, has been a real powerhouse in basketball for over 20 years. Last season, he made history by tying Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s record for the most All-Star Game selections. This season, he’s set to achieve another significant milestone: he’s starting his 21st season in the NBA. This surpasses even the legendary Abdul-Jabbar’s record. James’ strong commitment to the game and his unmatched achievements demand our admiration and respect.

LeBron James’ Record-Breaking Journey

At 38 years and 10 months old, LeBron James has become the oldest player in the NBA. Even though he’s quite old, he still plays at a very high level, consistently breaking records. In the early games of the 2023–24 season, James is averaging 21 points and showcasing impressive shooting statistics. Additionally, he’s making significant contributions in terms of rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks. James’s consistent high-level performance over many years demonstrates his strong work ethic. It also highlights his deep love for the game. According to Greg Swartz of Bleacher Report, “This season, his 20th All-Star selection will finally place James by himself as the NBA record-holder.” James has been chosen as an All-Star every season since his second year in the league (2004–05). This impressive achievement is the result of a combination of votes from fans, players, and the media. 

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Also, being part of the Lakers, with their massive fan base, makes it even more certain that he’ll be an All-Star every year. The fans love him and always vote for him. LeBron James is about to make history again. If he gets his 20th All-Star selection, he’ll join an elite group that includes Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Dirk Nowitzki as the only players in NBA history to make an All-Star Game at the age of 39 or older. James’s long career and impact on the game of basketball are truly amazing. His ability to handle a lot of pressure from an early age and still perform at a high level is unlike anything we’ve seen before. People might have different opinions about James, but his contributions to the sport are undeniable. Fans should enjoy watching the greatness of LeBron James.

LeBron’s Insane Support for Anthony Davis

While LeBron James continues to make headlines with his incredible achievements, he also stands by his teammates, as shown by his strong support for Anthony Davis. Anthony Davis, an eight-time All-Star and Lakers forward, faced a lot of criticism after not scoring any points in the second half of a recent game. This wasn’t the first time Davis got criticized, especially because of his inconsistent play in the Lakers’ previous postseason. However, LeBron James is quick to defend his teammates, emphasizing that the criticism doesn’t affect them. In a recent game against the Phoenix Suns, Davis made up for his previous game with a great performance, scoring a lot of points in the second half. He also got a bunch of rebounds, blocks, and steals and secured the win with some free throws.

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LeBron James said, “We don’t care about criticism about AD. We don’t care. Nothing bothers us. AD doesn’t care. He’s not on social media, so he doesn’t see any of the negative stuff. He rarely talks unless it’s to us. So, we don’t care about it, and he definitely doesn’t.” LeBron James has consistently praised Anthony Davis during their time as Lakers teammates. He even went as far as to call him the face of the franchise. Davis recently signed a big contract that will keep him with the Lakers for a long time. While Davis has faced criticism for his play at times, there’s no denying that, when he’s healthy, he’s one of the NBA’s best players. His contribution to the Lakers and his partnership with LeBron James make for a powerful combination, and they are determined to overcome any challenges they face.