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REPORTS: LeBron James Not Playing Against The Warriors Due To An Injury?

LeBron James has been training with Rui Hachimura throughout the offseason. He called the Gonzaga kid “His Understudy.” Moreover, the all-time leading scorer has been prepping up for his 21st NBA season. He has been very eager to become part of the elite group of players who played over twenty seasons. Not many greats of the game have been able to do that. But Records and King James always find each other at the right time.

Like last year, he broke Cap’s all-time scoring record. For almost four decades, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has been the leader in terms of all-time scoring. But 38 years later, it is LeBron James, the new King of scoring. LBJ will be 39 next December. Hence, it seems the Lakers Head Coach would opt for the extra careful route, especially for LeBron James and Anthony Davis.


Lakers Head Coach Might Not Let LeBron James Play Against The Warriors Tonight

Darvin Ham LeBron James Lakers
Darvin Ham Lakers LeBron James Source: Lakers Nation

Darvin Ham already mentioned that they would tinker with the rotation in the training camp to get the best lineup ready before the regular season begins. The Lakers did not have a great start at the preseason opener as the Golden State Warriors defeated them. Moreover, LeBron James did not play that game. Next, LBJ did not play against the Sacramento Kings either. Clearly, Ham is not willing to risk any injury scare of the all-time leading scorer. On October 13, the Lakers will meet the Warriors again, but this time on their home court. The main question is whether LeBron James will play against the Warriors on October 13.

However, some would recommend that Sunday’s game against the Milwaukee Bucks would be a better game for LBJ. It will be a tight contest for the Lakers to face the duo of Damian Lillard and Giannis Antetokounmpo. Since Darvin Ham is going too cautious for LBJ, the Warriors might not face off against the leading scorer again in the preseason encounter. Perhaps, LeBron James might play against the Warriors on a minutes restriction. The Lakers would not want to put any extra workload on King James even when the regular season will begin. Moreover, in the one game he played against the Nets, LBJ scored 10 points, along with five assists and three rebounds.

The Torn Tendon Injury Of LBJ Has Been Raising Tensions Ever Since

LeBron James
LeBron James Source: BVM Sports

Everything is going great for the King. But the only concern is his health. Can LeBron James play his 21st season injury-free? Chances are that he won’t be able to do that. Last season, he hurt his right foot badly during a game against the Dallas Mavericks. Later, it turned out that it was a torn tendon injury, and it kept him out of the game for almost a month.

Moreover, he needed to undergo surgery to recover from that injury completely. Hence, it would be interesting to see how long the King can perform without sustaining an injury. Currently, the Los Angeles Lakers have started their intense training camp. LeBron James and Austin Reaves played their first preseason games this year against the Brooklyn Nets. The Lakers ended the game with a win narrowly as they won 129-126.