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Bruce Brown LeBron James Lakers Source: Basketball Network

It is evident that Los Angeles Lakers are focusing on maintaining balance in the roster anyhow in the offseason. Indeed they waited a long time to find balance in the side. The fans must be proud of the LA side for displaying the power to turn things around. After a horrible start to the season, the Lakers were lingering at the bottom half of the table. For a long time, they were the 13th seed in the Western Conference. However, after the front office made some crucial changes right before the February trade deadline, the team found balance.

Even then, it took time, but the 17-time champions finally started to climb up. Initially, it looked like they would not make the postseason for two years in a row. But after finding balance, the Lakers shocked everybody to make the postseason. They did a lot more than that as the Purple and Gold Army reached the Western Conference Finals. But now, heading toward the offseason, the Lakers are looking for options to keep the core intact and even enhance the roster. And they have their eyes on Bruce Brown of the Denver Nuggets, as he’ll be a free agent this offseason.


Lakers Plan To Buy Bruce Brown From The Current Champions

Bruce Brown Denver Nuggets
Bruce Brown Denver Nuggets Source: Bleacher Report

Players like D’Angelo Russell, Dennis Schroder, Malik Beasley, and Mo Bamba are either unrestricted free agents or have a non-guaranteed contract. Hence, the Lakers have to make quick decisions regarding them and also look for replacements. Recently, the information has come to light that the Lakers are targeting Bruce Brown from Denver Nuggets, the recent champions. Brown is a versatile wing player for the Nuggets, but he is heading toward free agency this offseason. Moreover, Denver Post’s Michael Singer states the Lakers are closely monitoring the signing option of Bruce Brown.

To acquire Bruce Brown, the Lakers will have to use some of their midlevel non-taxpayer options like Malik Beasley, Mo Bamba, and others. They are keen on adding financial flexibility. According to Dan Woike from the LA Times, the Lakers are serious about acquiring Brown to enhance their side. Moreover, Bruce Brown can help the Lakers to win a championship with the shooting skills he possesses, plus his defensive skills. Brown shocked the Lakers fans in the WCF as he shot 35.8% beyond the arc. With the Denver Nuggets, Brown has an average of 11.5 ppg, 4.1 rpg, 3.3 apg, plus 1.1 steals. Hence, signing Brown from the Nuggets would significantly weaken the current champions.

Losing Brown Would Weaken The Nuggets

Bruce Brown Vs Lakers
Bruce Brown Vs. Lakers Source: Lakers Daily

Moreover, the Nuggets, like the Lakers, do not have big cap space. Hence, it is difficult for them to find a replacement for Bruce Brown in the offseason. However, the Nuggets are doing the best they can to keep their core strength in the offseason. Recently, they acquired No. 29 and No. 32 picks from the Indiana Pacers.

Clearly, the team is trying to sign young and cost-effective players to increase strength in their bench. They are also hoping to keep their window open to win another championship with Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray duo. But heading to the offseason, the front office looks to keep the core together. Apparently, many players are heading toward free agency this offseason. It may not be possible to keep all of them together. Instead, the front office might end up using some of them for trade exchanges.