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This year’s off-season will go down as one of the most successful ones in the Los Angeles Lakers franchise history. They secured the core group while tying up the loose ends around the edges to increase sturdy depth. Certainly, LA will start out as favorites once the season kicks in later this month.

Apart from retaining the young sensations, the Lakers also made a bold move of extending Anthony Davis’ contract by three more years for a whopping salary of $186 million. These caused a lot of buzz as LA was expected to take a cautious approach owing to Davis’ troubling injury history. However, the general manager, Rob Pelinka, recently disclosed the main motive behind the offer.


Lakers, Anthony Davis On Same Page Regarding The Latter’s Future Role Within The Team!

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The LeBron James era will likely set this year, and thus, the Los Angeles Lakers are looking out for their future. In a bid to secure the team’s long-term future, the front office made calculative moves during the off-season. One of those moves that made major waves was Anthony Davis’ extension. Ignoring AD’s health history, the purple and gold went ahead with the move, which raised a lot of eyebrows. However, Rob Pelinka recently explained their actual intentions. He said that prior to the contract signing, he and coach Darvin Ham had a lengthy discussion with the center. They asked Davis to take up the leadership role and work hard on his fitness.

Anthony Davis, on his part, agreed to take up the new responsibility and worked towards it during the off-season, which left the Lakers top brass in awe. Rob Pelinka says that Davis is experienced enough to know that when a franchise like theirs invests so much into a player, it’s the latter’s responsibility to return the favor on the court. “That’s just his character. That’s who Anthony Davis is. And we’re excited to see that,” added Pelinka. One thing is certain: AD has embraced the leadership role and is committed to LA for the next five years. Having said that, it would be interesting to see how the center forward adheres to the new role and if he will succeed in changing the face of the franchise in the long term future.

Anthony Davis Demanding A Change In Position!

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Meanwhile, Anthony Davis has a whole different plan for the upcoming NBA season. He wants to move away from his traditional center role to move more towards the forward end of the court. Apparently, AD wants to avoid restricting himself to the defensive role and focus more on playmaking and floor spacing. However, Davis’ dream looks far-fetched, considering the composition of the Lakers roster.

The Lakers roster already has strong shooters in LeBron James and Austin Reaves. If Anthony Davis advances into the forward position, it would cause a burden to James, who is set to embrace his 21st NBA season at 38 years of age. It would be next to impossible for LeBron to guard young players in their prime. Thus, in the near future, Davis will have to settle in his usual position.