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Klay Thompson can leave the Golden State Warriors this offseason. It would be like a 13-year-long relationship coming to a sudden and sad end. He has been part of the Dubs organization since 2011. But the most important angle of the story is that he helped the franchise win four NBA titles in a span of eight years. Along with Stephen Curry, he formed the Splash Brothers duo, who revolutionized the three-point shot in the game of basketball. Clearly, in his post-retirement phase, Klay will be eligible for Hall of Fame induction.

But the Dub Nation would have wanted to see Thompson end his NBA career with the Golden State Warriors. However, things seem to have changed drastically since the play-in elimination against the Sacramento Kings this year. Moreover, Klay Thompson had one of his worst nights ever on the basketball court, where he finished scoreless. Now, the shooting guard will be an unrestricted free agent. An NBA reporter says that the veteran shooting guard will explore all the external options available in his free agency.


Klay Thompson Open To External Options

Klay Thompson Warriors
Klay Thompson Warriors Source: Basketball Network

This summer, the Warriors veteran shooting guard will approach his first unrestricted free agency. As per rumours, he will weigh all the options available to him. Moreover, there are reports that suggest there has been “No notable movement” in contract negotiation talks between the GSW and Thompson. Klay is 34 years old. Moreover, Father Time seems to be catching up with Thompson, especially after how things ended in the 2023-2024 season. Now, Klay Thompson is getting ready to test free agency. He has been a five-time All-Star in his prime days. At present, it seems like he is open to playing elsewhere. But that’s not all, as he might be considering all options. At least, that’s what Shams Charania of The Athletics reported on the Run It Back show of FanDuel on Monday. Moreover, Charania mentioned that everybody has been talking about Thompson’s free agency for months.


For the first time in the shooting guard’s career, the reporter said, he is open to all external options. Moreover, Charania said the Warriors surely want him back. Before the start of the 2023-2024 season, they had offered Klay Thompson an extension. Moreover, The Athletic’s reporter added that the Dubs will see if they can seal a deal with Thompson. However, Charania feels the Orlando Magic has a good chance of landing the veteran shooting guard. Adding to that, he said the interest between Thompson and the Magic is mutual. But the Warriors will stay in touch with their franchise icon and see where he ends up going. Anyhow, Charania feels if Thompson decides to move elsewhere and signs with another team, that call with Stephen Curry, Steve Kerr and Draymond Green will be one of the most difficult calls he has ever made.

Is The Dubs Guard Planning To Join Team Bahamas For The Paris Olympics?

Stephen Curry Klay Thompson Splash Brothers Warriors
Stephen Curry Klay Thompson Splash Brothers Warriors Source: Sports Illustrated

Klay Thompson won an Olympic Gold in the 2016 Rio Olympics with Team USA. However, Team USA did not select Thompson for the next Summer games. Perhaps it is because of his inconsistent performances in the latest NBA season. Previously, a younger Klay Thompson had expressed his desire to represent Team Bahamas someday. Klay’s dad, Mychal, was born in the Bahamas.

On Monday, Anthony Slater and Shams Charania of The Athletic mentioned that this week, the Warriors shooting guard will move to Houston to join the training camp of the Bahamian National team. There are certain hurdles Thompson will have to overcome to be eligible to represent Team Bahamas. Hence, it doesn’t seem that he will get approval in time. On July 2, Klay might have to miss the Olympic qualifying tournament. 

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