Jarred Vanderbilt Lakers
Jarred Vanderbilt Lakers Sources: Sportscasting

The Los Angeles Lakers have been missing Jarred Vanderbilt in their defense for a while. He is a key player who can provide quality support to Anthony Davis in the defense. Moreover, Vando was part of the roster last season as well. Albeit, he joined the LA side in the midseason. But that’s when things started to change for the better from the LA franchise’s point of view. The Lakers were very careful to resist any player from sustaining an injury to their team. Moreover, they have the options available as they have such a deep and balanced roster.

Hence, the plan was to give each player a certain game time so that none of them put more stress on their bodies. But it seems the plan did not work out so well for Jarred Vanderbilt, as he injured himself during the preseason. Later, he missed several games in the preseason due to a sore heel. Lately, the soreness has worsened, as per the latest information. As a result, Vando missed the first two games of the regular season. It is a worrying sign for the Los Angeles Lakers.


When Can Vanderbilt Resume His Journey With The Lakers On The Court?

Jarred Vanderbilt Lakers
Jarred Vanderbilt Lakers Source: Lake Show Life

However, nobody can confirm it yet how long it will take Jarred Vanderbilt to recover and come back to the lineup. Anyway, the LA Lakers used Taurean Prince in the starting lineup in place of Jarred Vanderbilt. But it is clear that Vando’s absence has messed up the plans of Darvin Ham with the rotation. Since the opening game against the Denver Nuggets, Ham has had a hard time to adjust with the rotation. Against the Nuggets, the Lakers coach made a 10-man rotation.

Albeit, the Lakers lost to the Nuggets in the season opener. They bounced back pretty strong against the Phoenix Suns. But as long as Jarred Vanderbilt is missing from the Lakers lineup, they will face difficulty in guarding the opposition. Currently, the Lakers need more strength in the defense, as Anthony Davis can’t do it all alone again. Then, the chances of AD sustaining another injury will increase even more. But to win the title, the Lakers will need both AD and LeBron James at the peak of their health. 

How Things Changed For The LA Side After The Midseason Trades?

Lakers - Jarred Vanderbilt and Anthony Davis
Jarred Vanderbilt Anthony Davis Lakers Source: Sports Illustrated

The 17-time champions were nowhere near the top six teams to qualify directly for the playoffs. But they could also miss out on the postseason back-to-back times. However, the front office went through brilliant midseason trades that allowed the team to hang on for the play-in tournament. Later, they reached as far as the Western Conference Finals in the previous season. Initially, that was almost impossible.

But to make it possible, the credit goes to players like D’Angelo Russell and Jarred Vanderbilt, who joined the team in the midseason. That’s the reason why the front office of the Lakers extended Vando’s contract to a long-term deal worth $48 million. It proves how much the team has faith in the abilities of Jarred Vanderbilt. But it seems the new season won’t start well for Jarred Vanderbilt.