Max Verstappen with Helmut Marko
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The unrest at Red Bull continues after Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey’s departure. Things kept going downhill since the team principal, Christian Horner, was involved in the ‘inappropriate behavior’ controversy. Although the investigating team cleared him of all the charges, the complaint has asked for a review. Moreover, the internal factionalism is resulting in a state of entropy. Therefore, the power struggle is the genesis of endless rumors and speculations regarding Red Bull employees. 

One such rumor is Max Verstappen’s early exit. The three-time world champion is at the pinnacle of motorsports, living a fairytale. However, despite his on-track domination, reports suggest the Dutchman is eyeing an escape. Therefore, the Red Bull director, Helmut Marko, could be the catalyst to hasten the Verstappen exit. 


Mercedes Aiming For Excellence As Their Pursuit For Verstappen Continues 


While 2023 was Red Bull’s year of glory, 2024 has raised questions and doubts. Since the start of this season, the team has been under scrutiny for its internal chaos. Adrian Newey’s recent departure is linked with this power struggle. Moreover, when Christian Horner was embroiled in a sexual misconduct case, Jos Verstappen, Max’s father, issued a warning of a potential fallout. Also, Helmut Marko’s place was threatened during the race weekend in Jeddah. Since the internal unrest is at its peak, Mercedes aims for the Red Bull star Max Verstappen. Toto Wolff has admitted publicly that he would like Verstappen to drive for Mercedes. 

However, Wolff’s Austrian fellow mate, Helmut Marko, could help him poach the star racer. Marko, a close ally of Verstappen, has been with the Dutchman since 2015. Furthermore, Verstappen’s contract stipulates that he can only exit if Marko decides to depart. Moreover, Marko clarified that he would not be a hurdle for Verstappen if the latter chose to switch sides. During the past few weeks, rumors of Mercedes offering Verstappen a $150 million contract have surfaced. Although Verstappen denied all the rumors, Marko will be the first to pull the trigger if he decides to leave. 

Mercedes Need To Up Their Performance To Lure In The World Champion

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Amid the dream transfer talks, Mercedes has failed to perform on the racing circuit. The Silver Arrows have been struggling since their last win in 2022. With an underlying issue and aerodynamic failure of W15, the team is not currently among the top teams in F1. On the contrary, Red Bull dominates the circuit with a powerful car and talented drivers. The team is on a roll, winning almost every race. 

Hence, if the Brackley-based team desires to secure the reigning world champion, they must be prepared to roll up their sleeves and put in the work. Verstappen has clarified that ‘performance’ is the only currency to lure him in. Therefore, considering the ongoing RBR domination, poaching the Dutchman won’t be easy.