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Stephen Curry is the talisman who led the Golden State Warriors to become a modern-day dynasty. Prior to the skinny kid from Akron, Ohio, joining the Dubs, the team did not look like contenders for the NBA title. The last time the San Francisco-based team won the championship was back in 1975. In the franchise’s history, they won the league only three times. But in the 21st century, the Dubs did not look like lifting the trophy until the son of Dell Curry arrived on the scene. Father Curry has played in the league for over 15 years. In fact, Dell has been a legend for the Charlotte Hornets. He was a pretty good shooter himself.

But who knew Dell’s son would become the greatest shooter in the history of the game? Steph became the leading scorer from the three-point shots. Moreover, Stephen Curry led the Dubs to win four NBA championships. He won multiple All-Star selections and won a couple of MVPs. Clearly, the two-time MVP is the face of the Dubs Dynasty. Lately, though, the Warriors disappointed the fans as they failed to go past the play-in stage. Clearly, they have a lot to think about. But some fans and experts even predict that the Dubs might trade Stephen Curry.


Will The Warriors Trade Stephen Curry?

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Throughout the 2023-24 season, the Dubs struggled because of Draymond Green’s antics and Klay Thompson’s poor shooting skills. The team and Curry depend so much on those two guys. But they really let the team down in the 2023-24 season. In fact, Klay scored zero points in the play-in game against the Sacramento Kings that saw the Kings knock out the Warriors. Since the start of the season, there was a rumor that the Dubs would trade Thompson. But his play-in performance really boosted that idea. However, the fans wonder if Father Time is catching up with Steph, too. Will they trade him? According to Scott Ostler of the San Francisco Chronicle, it comes down to Steph himself.

Ostler said, “If Steph wants to end his career with the Dubs, then end of story.” However, if Curry feels like there is a better chance to win the title again with another team, then he might ask for a trade. Clearly, Steph had to control his frustrations a lot this season. Draymond Green’s back to back suspensions was a huge blow for the Dub. Moreover, Klay disappointed his Splash Brother, too, this season. But the Warriors management may take strict actions as they can trade Green and Thompson. However, they might not go as far as trading the three-point King.

Steph Told Dray, “We Ain’t Done.”

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After the disappointing loss against the Sacramento Kings, it seemed like the end of the Dubs Dynasty. But the Dubs Nation are unwilling to lose faith in Steph Curry. In an episode of The Draymond Green Show, the veteran forward mentioned that he went to Steph to talk after the play-in loss against the Kings. Green told Curry, “I love you, bro.” In reply, the two-time MVP mentioned, “I love you, too. But we ain’t done yet.”

Green liked the answer. The fans liked the answer, and it kind of feels like Deja Vu. Moreover, the Dubs had been through a similar situation in 2021. Coming to 2022, Stephen Curry led the Warriors to win their seventh overall NBA Championship. It was the fourth for him, Klay, and Dray. Can the disappointing end of 2024 motivate Curry to lead them to their fifth in 2025?

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