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REPORTS: Golden State Warriors Open To Trade Andrew Wiggins, Confirms NBA Teams!

The Golden State Warriors are just making it worse with every game this season. Apparently, they have not been able to find a winning combination ever since Draymond Green received those two suspensions. Clearly, the Dubs don’t work as well as the tripod fighting together on the court. But the veteran forward really let his team and fans down this regular season. Moreover, the team must figure out a way to deal with their problems this season before it gets too late.

Currently, the front office of the Dubs must chalk out a plan for the looming February 8 trade deadline. Last season, the Los Angeles Lakers had a great turnaround since the February trade deadline. They even made it to the conference finals, beating the Warriors in Round 2. This time, can the Dubs do the same with the trades ahead of the deadline? Recent reports suggest an Andrew Wiggins trade is around the corner. 


Are Warriors Willing To Trade Andrew Wiggins?

Jonathan Kuminga Steve Kerr Warriors
Jonathan Kuminga Steve Kerr Warriors Source: Sporting News

On Monday, Marc Stein, an NBA Insider discussed the combination of Jonathan Kuminga and Andrew Wiggins is clearly not working. Stein mentioned on the #this league UNCUT podcast that some teams are anticipating the Warriors will be open to trading Wiggins. Even after Sunday’s loss, Coach Steve Kerr mentioned the Wiggins-Kuminga combo “Didn’t Click.” Moreover, Andrew Wiggins didn’t have a great campaign last season, either. On top of that, Wiggins have a pretty tradable one-year deal with the seven-time champions. However, it won’t be an easy decision to trade Wiggins at this point.

It is because there is a possibility that the Warriors might trade Jonathan Kuminga as part of a trade package for Pascal Siakam, the Toronto Raptors forward. But giving up both Kuminga and Wiggins is never an ideal situation. Hence, there’s confusion as to how the Warriors will make changes ahead of the February 8 trade deadline. Stein feels there’s a high possibility that the Dubs will trade Andrew Wiggins. But the question remains: what kind of reinforcements are the Warriors hoping for this season? Anyway, the GSW franchise still has a name to live up to – the modern-day Dynasty. 

How Dray Green Made It Difficult For The Dubs This Season?

Draymond Green Warriors
Draymond Green Warriors Source: Sports Illustrated

After the Dubs started the campaign on a winning note, Green received a five-game suspension. Later, the GSW went on a six-game losing streak. If that was not enough for a wake-up call, Green made it worse, making fouls at the wrong time. As a result, he received an indefinite suspension. His absence really weakened the team’s primary starting lineup. Anyway, the Splash Brothers have been trying their best to maintain a winning streak.

But it is not really helping them a lot. Moreover, at present, the Warriors are the 12th seed in the Western Conference. They are 17-19 with a .472 record. Lately, the Toronto Raptors dealt a heavy blow to the Dubs. Warriors lost 118-133 to Raptors. Steph Curry was not at his best touch at all. In fact, he had one of his worst games of the season against the Raptors.