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REPORTS: Gerrit Cole Pips World Series Win Ultimate Goal With New York Yankees!

Born and raised in California, Gerrit Cole grew up idolizing the New York Yankees and dreaming of one day wearing their storied uniform. In December 2019, Cole’s dream became a reality when he signed a record-breaking nine-year, $324 million contract with the Yanks. That made him the highest-paid pitcher in MLB’s history at the time.

While Gerrit Cole went on to become the best-starting pitcher in the entire league, the New York Yankees collectively failed to support the ace. Last season’s disaster was a perfect testament to how Cole’s efforts are getting wasted in the Bronx. Meanwhile, ahead of the new season, the pitcher reconfirmed his ultimate goal, which is why he essentially choose to don the pinstripes.


Gerrit Cole Wouldn’t Rest Without A World Series Win With Yankees!

Cole pitching against the Rockies. Photo by Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images

In the 2023 season, Gerrit Cole recorded his career-best season and was awarded the CY Young title for the same. He finished the year with a 2.63 ERA across 33 starts. Not only that, the starter posted a 15-4 win-loss record throughout the season. However, his staggering display of skills and talent wasn’t enough to lift the New York Yankees to the postseason. As the team wrapped up the season in September, Cole was devastated and referred to the season as a disaster. Meanwhile, ahead of the new season, Cole addressed a press conference on Thursday, a day after he reported for spring training in Tampa. Cole revealed the ultimate goal he wants to attain before his tenure ends in the Bronx.

Gerrit Cole said that one of the key reasons he joined the New York Yankees was to win the World Series title. The Bronx Bombers have always been perennial contenders for the championship. And thus, Coles dumped the Houston Astros to join forces with the iconic team. Having said that, his dream hasn’t come to fruition just yet. In fact, the Bombers have witnessed a 14-year-long championship drought. Regardless, with a new season around the corner, Gerrit Cole is determined to turn things around. He can only do that by giving his best on the mound. And side by side pray for the rest of the lineup to come together as a collective unit. That being said, given the roster composition, Cole’s dream could turn into reality this year.

Cole Plans To Use 2023 ‘Disaster’ Season As Motivation This Year!

Gerrit Cole Yankees
Gerrit Cole Yankees Source: CBS Sports

Meanwhile, ahead of the grapefruit league, Gerrit Cole has made his intentions clear. In a press conference, the ace says the haunted memories of the disaster 2023 season are still fresh amongst the group. Moreover, the team plans to use the setback as motivation to do better in the upcoming season. “Still fresh in our minds, so hopefully we use it as motivation,” Cole said of the team’s 82-80 record.

Furthermore, Gerrit Cole also blamed excessive injury issues for the 2023 season debacle. “With that said, we get injured too much as a group. We need to improve,” added Cole. So far, the Yankees roster has managed to get out healthy through this off-season. Hopefully, health-wise, the Bombers will record a better season.

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