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The New York Yankees had a tough season last year. They could not make the postseason. Moreover, they finished with an awful 82-80 record. On top of that, the Bronx Bombers had a number of injury issues. They really had a long Injured List. But the main problem was they did not have enough star hitters in their rotation. As a result, the front office planned to bring in a couple of star lefty outfielders who can help New York’s offense get better. Eventually, they landed Juan Soto and Alex Verdugo. Moreover, the Yankees got Trent Grisham with the Juan Soto trade package.

Other than bringing in a number of star players, the NY side also got rid of a few members. The Yankees kickstarted their offseason campaign by waiving six players, including Domingo German and Franchy Cordero. Apparently, they did the right thing because either those six players had some off-field issues or were getting more injury-prone. However, now, the NY side is still looking for a starting pitcher available in the market. At present, the former Yankees starting pitcher, Domingo German, is in talks with six teams for a major league contract.


Former Yankees Pitcher Domingo German Looking To Get A Major League Deal

Domingo German Yankees
Domingo German Yankees Source: CNN

The Yankees are not likely to reunite with Domingo German. They waived him for good reasons. In the last few seasons, Domingo would constantly get in some few off-field setbacks. Nevertheless, at the moment, he is a free agent and looking to sign a deal with an MLB team. As per the New York Post, he is currently in talks with six major league teams, including the New York Mets and the AL East rivals, the Toronto Blue Jays, and the Baltimore Orioles. However, as per sources, the Mets may not be the favorites to land Domingo German. However, several teams showed interest in the former Yankees starting pitcher. But even then, his history with off-field issues will affect his future contract value.

Over the years, Domingo German faced accusations of substance use and domestic violence. Moreover, he had to pay heavy fines for these charges as well. A number of times, German received suspensions and fines. It did not do his reputation any good. Hence, several teams might be reluctant to invest in him. Moreover, the Yankees would not want to go in that direction again. Currently, the NY side in a much better place than last season. Lately, they signed Marcus Stroman to bolster depth in their starting pitching. 

Domingo German And His Off-Field Issues

Domingo German Yankees
Domingo German Yankees Source: CNN

Last May, in an away game against the Blue Jays, Domingo German faced ejection after alleged illegal substance use. Later, the starter mentioned the stickiness was because of the “Rosing bag.” Later, he received a 10-day suspension along with a fine. Then, last August, Domingo German had a confrontation with Aaron Boone, and he broke furniture and a TV in the clubhouse. Later, he agreed to voluntarily enter inpatient treatment because of alcohol abuse.

Back in 2019, at a charity event, the starting pitcher allegedly slapped his girlfriend (now wife), Marla Vega, in front of his teammates. That same night later, he was physically abusive to his girlfriend, who had to hide herself in a room. Marla Vega asked one of his teammate’s wives for help. Albeit, she didn’t call any law enforcement. But the league looked into the matter and suspended German for 81 games. Lately, on November 2, the Yankees cut him from the 40-man roster.

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