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The Golden State Warriors are in deep trouble after a more or less poor start to the current season. Albeit, they won the first couple of games. Things then started going south after Draymond Green received back-to-back suspensions. It really let the team down. Later, the fans were even sadder after seeing the inconsistency of the Splash Brothers. Klay Thompson had a poor start this season with his deteriorating shooting skills. Moreover, as usual, Steph Curry was the only one to carry the team on his shoulders, but even he had a few poor scoring games. On top of that, the Warriors are currently the 12th seed in the Western Conference.

They are down with an awful 19-24 record. Moreover, the Dubs lost six games of their last eight contests. However, the fans believe some crucial trades right before the trade deadline might help the Dubs move forward. Moreover, every team player except Steph Curry is eligible for getting traded. But that might mean the end of the Dubs veteran trio – Green, Curry, Thompson. They have won four titles together since 2015. Moreover, this trio is hugely responsible for making the Warriors a modern-day dynasty. That’s what Chandler Parsons meant when he said trade won’t help, but the trio can.


Parsons Don’t See Warriors Resurging With Or Without A Trade

Stephen Curry Klay Thompson Splash Brothers Warriors
Stephen Curry Klay Thompson Splash Brothers Warriors Source: Sports Illustrated

On the Run It Back show, the former Memphis Grizzlies star mentioned that he can’t see a trade option available that can help the Dubs compete with other teams. Moreover, he mentioned it is a very different Warriors team with the same veteran trio. Then, Chandler Parsons mentioned he is seeing a different Steph Curry. This new Curry rips his uniform and also roll his eyes. Clearly, the King of three-point shooting is over the fact that the Warriors are the 12th seed in the West. They may miss the play-in tournament too. Moreover, the questions rising on Draymond Green and Klay Thompson’s future.

Will the Warriors trade them even after everything they have done for the franchise? It is a really tough situation for the Dubs dynasty. Clearly, they are on the brink of a collapse. But how the Dub Nation would react if they trade Green and Thompson? Moreover, Parsons pointed out the lack of options the Warriors have as their assets. Adding to that, the former Grizzlies star mentioned no team really wants Andrew Wiggins. But things might look to improve on-court for the Warriors since the return of Draymond Green. 

Vintage Performances Needed From The Veteran Trio

Klay Thompson Warriors Stephen Curry Draymond Green
Klay Thompson Stephen Curry Draymond Green Warriors Source: Heavy.com

Albeit, the Warriors lost their previous couple of games, they are gradually raising their game. Fans can see the Dubs fight on both the sides on the floor. Since Green returned, the Dubs have gradually improved their defense. These improvements happened since some good performances of Jonathan Kuminga, Andrew Wiggins, and Dray Green as the new-look frontcourt.

But the Warriors need the trio of Curry, Thompson, and Green to turn back the clock eight years. Without this trio bringing back those vintage performances, the Dubs may have to watch the playoffs on television. Then, it is safe to assume the new general manager of the Warriors will make some significant changes ahead of the next season.

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