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As the F1 paddock reached Italy for the first time in the 2024 season, teams are revving to aim for the highest spot. All the teams are contemplating the Miami GP results to introduce the required upgrade. Ferrari is no different, as they are optimistic about outpacing the current champions, Red Bull. Although the Scuderia receives criticism for technical shortcomings, chaotic pit stops, and underwhelming strategy, Fred Vasseur is changing the perspective. As a result, the team is performing well at the highest motorsports level.

Further, Red Bull is miles ahead of the others, and the RB20 is arguably the fastest car, at least for now. Despite the P2 finish at the latest Miami GP, the Austrian outfit is topping the charts with over two hundred points. However, McLaren and Scuderia Ferrari are bringing upgrades to counter the Red Bull storm. 


Ferrari To Test The Upgrade Package At Fiorano

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The Prancing Horses are performing well in the ongoing season. The team has been among the top picks with a win at the Australian GP. However, the harsh truth is the team has not won any championship title since 2008. Their last constructor’s title came in 2008, while Kimi Raikkonen was the last Ferrari driver to win the driver’s championship in 2007. However, the team boss, Fred Vasseur, wants to break the trophy curse. Thus, the team would receive the first of three planned upgrades ahead of the upcoming GP at Imola. The SF-24 tested the enhancements during the two filming sessions at the home track Fiorano. The filming days are limited to 200 km, giving the Scuderia team valuable insight. Further, the data could be used to analyze the shortcomings as Enrico Cardile and the team look for a quick fix. 

Although Vasseur looks confident about the upgrade, he is concerned about McLaren performing exceptionally well with their latest update. Thus, he believes even a slight misstep could make a difference. Further, he added that although the upgrades are not ‘game-changers,’ they still boost performance. Therefore, as the competition intensifies, the upcoming weeks are expected to pose significant challenges for the technical teams.

Toto Wolff Feels It’ll Take Weeks For The Next Upgrade

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On the other hand, Mercedes is awaiting a major upgrade. However, team principal Toto Wolff said it might take a few weeks as there is no space for quick fixes. The Silver Arrows’ last upgrade in Florida failed as the car was comparatively slower. The performance of W15 is confusing the drivers and the technical team as it lacks consistency. 

Thus, the Brackley-based outfit must outmaneuver the underlying issues. If the team could outsmart the aerodynamic nightmare and improve the balance issues, they might pose a challenge for other teams. Henceforth, Mercedes’ technical team’s journey looks tough as they aim to face the ongoing challenges.