Loic Serra

In the fast-paced world of Formula 1, where split-second decisions can make or break a race, every team is constantly seeking an edge over their rivals. Ferrari, a name steeped in racing history and tradition, is no exception. The Italian powerhouse has made waves in the off-season by securing the signings of two seasoned professionals from rival team Mercedes: Loic Serra and Jerome d’Ambrosio. These strategic acquisitions signal Ferrari’s intent to fortify its engineering and management departments, laying the groundwork for a new era of competitiveness on the track.

Loic Serra Joins Ferrari

At the heart of Ferrari’s transformation lies Loic Serra, a formidable force in Formula 1 engineering. Serra’s journey into the realm of motorsport began as an engineer for Michelin, where he honed his craft amidst the relentless demands of elite competition. His expertise caught the eye of BMW Sauber, leading to a pivotal role within the team’s technical setup. However, it was at Mercedes where Serra truly made his mark, ascending through the ranks to become the performance director.

Loic Serra
F1/Loic Serra

Now, with the ink dried on his contract with Ferrari, Serra prepares to embark on a new chapter in his career. As head of chassis performance engineering, he will spearhead Ferrari’s quest for excellence, working closely with technical chief Enrico Cardile to fine-tune the Scuderia’s racing machines. The news of Serra’s move, first unveiled by Motorsport.com last year, sent shockwaves through the paddock, underscoring Ferrari’s determination to assemble a world-class team capable of challenging for championship glory.

Jerome d’Ambrosio Joins as Deputy Team Principal

Joining Serra in Ferrari’s quest for Formula 1 supremacy is Jerome d’Ambrosio, a familiar face in the motorsport fraternity. D’Ambrosio’s journey to the upper echelons of Formula 1 was unconventional, marked by twists and turns that mirrored the unpredictable nature of racing itself. From his early days with Marussia Virgin Racing to a brief stint with Lotus, d’Ambrosio’s talent behind the wheel was undeniable.

However, it is his transition to a managerial role that has captured the imagination of fans and pundits alike. As deputy team principal to Fred Vasseur, d’Ambrosio brings a wealth of experience garnered from his time in Formula E and GT racing. His leadership qualities and strategic acumen position him as a valuable asset in Ferrari’s bid for championship glory.

Jerome d'Ambrosio
F1/Jerome d’Ambrosio

As the countdown to the new Formula 1 season begins, all eyes are on Ferrari. With the signings of Loic Serra and Jerome d’Ambrosio, the Scuderia has laid down the gauntlet to its rivals, signaling its intent to reclaim its rightful place at the pinnacle of motorsport. As the team gears up for the challenges that lie ahead, one thing is certain – the road to victory will be paved with passion, determination, and unwavering commitment.

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