Blake Snell poses at spring training. (K.C. Alfred/The San Diego Union-Tribune)

The New York Yankees are serious about adding some pitching depth this off-season. It’s not a choice but a necessity at this point. With just six weeks left for spring training, the Bronx Bombers’ pitching rotation stands incomplete, just like last off-season. If the front office follows the same path, the results for the 2024 season would be somewhat identical to those for 2023.

And the Yankees leadership would want to avoid that at any cost. The team’s stakeholders, investors, and, most importantly, fans are growing impatient with the 14-year gap to the last World Series championship. Having said that, the Yanks remain linked to a defending NL CY Young award-winning pitcher. Moreover, recent events suggest that the elite starter would end up as a Yankee this off-season.


Blake Snell’s Old Video Reignite Yankee Fans’ Hope!

Yanks Go Yard

Defending NL CY Young award winner and free agent Blake Snell is currently the hottest candidate in the pitching market. The two-time CY Young awardee is on the radar of teams with deep pockets, including the New York Yankees. While Snell settled for a five-year extension contract worth $50 million with the Rays back in 2018, this time around, the pitcher is asking some serious money. MLB projections suggest that Snell wouldn’t settle for anything less than $150 million for a period of five years. Needless to say, the ask is steep even for a $7 billion franchise such as the NYY. However, to win a championship in the near future, something will have to give.

Having said that, an old video of Blake Snell sharing insights on team building and strong camaraderie with teammates dropped on Yankees captain Aaron Judge’s All Rise foundation page. The association between Judge and Snell has led the fans to speculate about an imminent union. Earlier, Judge advocated Snell’s dominance on the mound and also shared a heartwarming moment with the pitcher during a game between the Yanks and Padres. Besides Aaron Judge, rumors suggest that ace Gerrit Cole is also on board with the team’s pursuit of Blake Snell. Cole has put in positive recommendations for his counterpart and loves the idea of having two defending CY Young awardees in a rotation. Overall, the pipe dream of Blake Snell in the pinstripes is slowly turning into an unprecedented reality.

Conflicting Reports On Yankees Stand On Marcus Stroman Has Left Fans Annoyed!

Marcus Stroman

Meanwhile, MLB insider Bob Nightengale has irked the New York Yankees fanbase with conflicting reports on the team’s interest in free agent Marcus Stroman. The pitcher recently opted out of the Cubs’ contract to explore free agency. But is yet to find a suitor. Amid the buzz, Bob updated us that Stroman expressed interest in Yanks, but the latter declined to make an offer owing to their ugly past.

However, in a sudden turn of events, the insider’s latest update suggests that Yankees and Marcus Stroman share mutual interest with respect to free agent signing. Needless to say, the fans are confused and seek clarity from Bob Nightengale. Earlier in the past, Stroman went on a full-blown rant on social media against the Bombers after GM Brian Cashman called him a less impactful pitcher.