Josh Donaldson Yankees
Josh Donaldson Yankees Source: Yahoo Sports

The New York Yankees are planning a lot of changes after going through a disastrous season. There is not much time remaining in the regular season, but it does not look good for the Bronx Bombers. Moreover, there is a high possibility that the Yankees might not make it to the playoffs. Currently, they have a record of .497 with a 71-72 win-loss ratio. Recently, Aaron Boone’s side lost yet another series against the Milwaukee Brewers.

Next, the Bronx Bombers move on to a new challenge against their arch-rivals, the Boston Red Sox. But before moving on, the Yankees are still looking to reshuffle their roster as much as they can before the regular season ends. Recently, the New York side released the 37-year-old Josh Donaldson. However, it was not a sad ending for the aging third baseman. Moreover, on Monday, the Milwaukee Brewers announced they signed the 37-year-old Donaldson for their Triple-A team.


Donaldson Moves From Yankees To Brewers

Josh Donaldson Yankees
Josh Donaldson Yankees Source: FanSided

The aging third baseman had a terrible time with the Yankees. Before the 2022 campaign began, Josh Donaldson came to the NY side. He did not even end up playing two complete seasons with the Yankees. But soon, the NY side realized they wouldn’t get much help from Donaldson. Hence, the Bronx Bombers let him go in late August. It has only been a few days since the Yankees released the infielder. Moreover, in the minors, the infielder only played a few games, not more than five, before he sustained a lingering calf injury.

The Brewers are 26th in the league in terms of OPS. Currently, they have an OPS of .694. It is a bit shocking to see the 2015 AL MVP hit only two home runs for the Nashville Sounds in the minor league in 22 at-bats. Josh Donaldson has been a colossal disappointment for the New York Yankees, with a batting average of .207 and .678 OPS. Moreover, the Yankees manager feels it was the right thing to release the 37-year-old third baseman. But the Milwaukee Brewers need help because they handed playing time to Andruw Monasterio. This rookie hit three home runs in 74 games with a .705 OPS. Hence, they sure need help at the hot corner.

Brewers Must Be Wary Of Cubs

Brewers Vs Cubs
Brewers Vs Cubs Source: Brew Crew Ball

Currently, the Milwaukee Brewers are leading the table of National League Central. The Brewers have a record of .559 with an 80-63 win-loss ratio. Moreover, the Milwaukee side is enjoying a pretty good lead over the Chicago Cubs in the NL Central. The Cubs are in second place on the NL Central table. The Brewers must maintain their lead over the Cubs because the latter has come on strong over the last couple of months.

Moreover, the Chicago Cubs hold the second wild-card spot in the National League. Since the All-Star break, the Cubs have maintained a .786 team OPS. Moreover, it is seventh in Major League Baseball. Hence, the leaders of the NL Central must be cautious of the rise of the Cubs. The Brewers must plan accordingly.