LeBron James Anthony Davis Lakers
LeBron James Anthony Davis Lakers Source: Yardbarker

Anthony Davis has been the spearhead of the Los Angeles Lakers offense since the last season. He has also been the anchor of the Lakers’ defense. Moreover, at present, the Lakers Nation is more keen to know how AD is doing than LeBron James. Even LeBron James said recently that AD is the face of the Los Angeles Lakers at present. There is a good reason for the increasing hype around the eight-time All-Star. If it were not for AD, the Lakers would never win the 2020 Bubble Championship. Neither would they make the postseason in the 2022-23 edition.

It was an incredible turnaround last season that Anthony Davis inspired the Lakers to make. Moreover, they reached the Western Conference Finals, surprising everybody. Since then, it has been more of an AD show than a LeBron show. However, the LA side could not win the title last season as they lost in the semis. If they had won the WCF, they could have won the NBA Finals against the Miami Heat, just like they did in 2020. But things did not end as they thought it would. Hence, AD and LBJ must be thinking about what more they can do this time to help their team win the title.


Anthony Davis Wants To Improve His Average In Assists To Help His Team

Anthony Davis Austin Reaves Lakers
Anthony Davis Austin Reaves Lakers Source: Heavy.com

Most importantly, it would help the Lakers a lot if both top stars could play more than 65 games each. The James-Davis duo has not been able to do that in the last few seasons. But this time, the Lakers have enough depth and balance to reduce the workload of the James-Davis duo. That’s why the Lakers look like a favorite to win the title this time. But it looks like Anthony Davis is the man on a mission to make it happen for his team. Moreover, Dan Woike Of the Los Angeles Times wrote that the eight-time All-Star will look to improve his offensive skills. Everybody knows how lethal AD can be in scoring, but he would also like to improve himself as a playmaker more. Recently, Austin Reaves told Dan Woike that AD is a pretty good passer.

In fact, Reaves believes Anthony Davis can do everything, and that’s the reason why he is among the most talented guys in the league. Also, AR said with the current roster, they will be able to space the floor. And when AD makes those plays, Reaves feels it will get easier for everybody in the offense, including AD himself. As a strong offensive player, Anthony Davis never really had the assists to show for it. In the 2022-23 season, he averaged 2.6 assists. On Tuesday, Anthony Davis said the Lakers want to improve their average in assists as a whole team. AD believes all they need to do is to make the right plays, and players must have confidence while shooting.

Why AD Hasn’t Won An MVP Yet?

Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis Source: The Spun

Anthony Davis has signed a contract extension worth $186 million for three years to stay with the Lakers in his prime a few months ago. But why is it that AD never won an MVP in his career so far? Everybody knows that Anthony Davis is easily among the best players when he stays healthy.

That’s why Antonio Koslow of Basketball Insiders pointed out at his injuries as the reason for AD never winning an MVP all these years. But the eight-time All-Star wanted to play a more versatile role as long as he stays in his prime. And he wants to shoot more three-pointers as well as protect the rim.