Pedro Martinez Red Sox
Pedro Martinez Red Sox Source: Fox News

The New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox have one of the most iconic rivalries in baseball. In fact, the Boston and New York rivalry has had a real impact not just in MLB but in all North American sports. It all started with the famous trade of the GOAT Babe Ruth. The Boston franchise traded the GOAT to the NY side in early 1920. On January 5, 1920, Babe Ruth became a Yankee. That deal really turned the league upside down. Since then, the Boston fans believed it was the “Curse of the Bambino” that stopped them from winning the World Series for 86 years.

Ruth won three World Series titles with the Red Sox. But as a Yankee, the GOAT won four more World Series titles. Since then, the NY Yankees went on to become the Evil Empire and win 27 World Series titles in total. On the other hand, the Red Sox so far has won nine World Series championships. It is equal to the third-most of any MLB team but a far cry from their arch-rivals. Lately, a Red Sox legend revealed he wanted a trade to the Yankees throughout his MLB career.


Three-Time Cy Young Winner Asked The Red Sox For A Trade To The Yankees Thrice

Pedro Martinez Red Sox
Pedro Martinez Red Sox Source:

Pedro Martinez has been a legendary pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. He won three Cy Young Awards. On top of that, he is a Hall Of Famer. But he did not win all those Cy Young Awards with the Red Sox. He won two of those three Cy Young awards in seven years with the Red Sox. Previously, he won his first Cy Young while playing for the Montreal Expos. Anyway, the Hall of Famer wanted to move to the Yankees, as per Hector Gomez, MLB insider. Later, in his career, Martinez sure played for a New York side in MLB. But that was not the Yankees.

However, it really comes as a surprise that Martinez asked the Red Sox on three separate occasions for a trade to the Yankees. His best MLB years came in those seven years in Boston. He helped the franchise end the infamous “Curse of the Bambino” in 2004, winning the World Series. That was his final year with the Red Sox. Moreover, Martinez made 201 starts with the Red Sox, from 1998 to 2004, proving how dominant he was as their ace pitcher. He is the third-best pitcher on the Red Sox’s all-time strikeouts list.

What Martinez Thinks About The 2023 Bronx Bombers?

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Yankees Anthony Rizzo Aaron Judge Source: Bleacher Report

Recently, in an interview with the New York Post’s Matt Ehalt, Pedro Martinez mentioned early in the season the Yankees looked pretty confident. That was the time when they were going well. He compared a scene where a bulldog beats up a chihuahua to describe the NY side’s dominance.

But later, in the season, Martinez thought the Yankees looked more like the chihuahua to any other team, especially the good ones like the Atlanta Braves. Anyhow, the Boston Red Sox fans must be glad that no matter what, their legend did not wear the Pinstripes uniform. Martinez started his MLB career with the Los Angeles Dodgers. But he was at his peak with the Red Sox. 

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