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In the fast-paced world of Formula 1 racing, decisions about which drivers will race for top teams like Red Bull are always a big deal. Christian Horner, the boss at Red Bull, recently talked about how they’re thinking about who will drive for them in 2025. Even though one of their drivers, Max Verstappen, is staying until 2028, the future of Sergio Perez is uncertain as his contract ends soon. Horner says they’re not rushing to decide and are happy with Perez’s performance. But there’s also talk about other drivers like Carlos Sainz, making the situation more interesting. Let’s dive in and see what’s going on!

Red Bull’s Patient Approach

Horner’s sentiments reflect a calculated approach, acknowledging the contrasting contract situations of Red Bull’s drivers. While Max Verstappen’s commitment extends through 2028, Perez’s contract is set to expire at the culmination of the current season. Despite Perez’s stellar performances, which have seen him clinch four podium finishes in the last five races, Horner emphasized that Red Bull is in no rush to finalize their roster for 2025.


The seasoned Team Principal highlighted the luxury of choice Red Bull currently enjoys, with a pool of talented drivers vying for a coveted spot within the team. While Perez is eager for a swift resolution regarding his future, Horner emphasized the importance of maintaining performance consistency before committing to any decisions.

Christian Horner
F1/Christian Horner

Adding intrigue to the discussion is the speculation surrounding Carlos Sainz, a former Red Bull junior driver currently impressing at Ferrari. Horner acknowledged reports linking Sainz to Audi, which is poised to enter Formula 1 in the near future. However, he remained tight-lipped about any concrete offers, respecting the confidentiality of ongoing negotiations while recognizing Sainz’s undeniable talent.

The potential involvement of Audi in the driver market adds an extra layer of complexity, hinting at a dynamic offseason where driver movements could significantly alter the F1 landscape.

Evaluation of Perez’s Performance:

Delving into Sergio Perez’s resurgence, Horner provided valuable insights into the Mexican driver’s evolution throughout the season. Beyond the racetrack, Perez’s dedication and work ethic have been instrumental in his improved performance. Horner highlighted Perez’s refined approach to race weekends, bridging the gap to his formidable teammate, Max Verstappen.

Sergio Perez
F1/Sergio Perez

Perez’s meticulous preparation, including extensive simulator sessions and collaborative efforts with the team, underscores his commitment to delivering results on track. Horner’s observations paint a picture of a driver in peak form, capitalizing on every opportunity to excel amidst fierce competition.

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