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Arnab Bose

“Red Bull Is Unstoppable So Far,” Ferrari Driver Carlos Sainz In Awe Of Max Verstappen’s Dominance

Red Bull is dominating the grid like no other team has ever done before. In the last one and a half years, the Austrian team has won 30 races. That’s how superior they have been over other teams. Since the cost cap era began, there is only one team that looked comfortable, and that is Christian Horner’s team.

Last year, Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc started pretty well, winning a couple of races from the first two. But then he fell apart as Max took center stage, and the rest is history. But this time, the F1 teams are getting ready for the Italian Grand Prix at Monza. And the good news for Ferrari is that they topped the FP2 session, recently as Carlos Sainz was the fastest. However, Sainz later mentioned that the race pace superiority still belongs to Red Bull.


Carlos Sainz Believes Horner’s Team Still Has The Edge In Race Pace

Carlos Sainz Ferrari
Carlos Sainz Ferrari Source: RacingNews365

On the other hand, in the FP2 session, McLaren’s Lando Norris was only 0.019 seconds slower than Carlos Sainz. In the post-race interview, Carlos Sainz mentioned that Tifosi (Dedicated fans of Ferrari) should not hope too high because Red Bull still holds the edge. However, after the FP2 session, Sainz acknowledged that dreaming is free. Hence, everybody can dream, and nobody can take it away from them. That is one of the favorite sayings of Carlos Sainz. But the Scuderia driver pointed out that Red Bull is still three-tenths of a second ahead of the rest over 50 lap time in race pace.

Sainz even discussed what confuses the Ferrari team after the FP2 session is that the car suddenly felt a whole lot better. They had a pretty difficult weekend at Zandvoort, but the car at Monza suddenly adapted really well. According to Sainz, it felt good to drive the car through the corner, and the overall setup was easier. However, the iconic Red Devils are looking forward to tomorrow’s race. There will be teams with low fuel and higher engine mode, but Carlos feels better about the feeling that is pretty decent after the FP2 session.      

How Did Red Bull Manage To Build Such A Superior Car In The New Era?

Red Bull VS Ferrari
Red Bull vs. Ferrari Source: PlanetF1

Red Bull has won all the races so far in 2023. As a result, no other team has a chance to fight for the constructor’s title. That’s how ridiculous it has been for every other team in the Formula One grid. Moreover, the cost cap rules and regulations had the aim to make the races fairer for the other teams than the powerhouses – Ferrari, Mercedes, and Red Bull. However, it seems the energy drink conglomerate’s racing team was the only fortunate team in the new era.

It is still a million-dollar question as to how Red Bull managed to build such a superior car. Even Lewis Hamilton mentioned a few Grand Prix before that the RB19 car is faster than those cars he drove in his dominant era. Moreover, the credit goes to the CTO of Red Bull and the car designer, Adrian Newey. But also, the engine partner, Honda, deserves a big credit. This year, Max Verstappen has won 11 races so far out of 13. Last year, he won 15 GPs and two more for his teammate, Sergio Perez.