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Akshita Patel

Red Bull Has A Strong Chance To Mark This Year In History By Breaching The Unthinkable 1000 Points Mark

Red Bull has been dominant this Formula One season, with drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez consistently finishing at the top of the standings. Out of the four races held so far, the drink-based team managed to win all of them owing to a flying RB19. Their machinery has an unmatchable pace, with the second top team in the grid, Ferrari, finishing over 10 seconds behind them. Hence, the Bulls certainly look poised to retain the drivers and constructors championship in 2023.

However, along with with the ultimate championship, Red Bull will stand an opportunity to break long-withstanding barriers this season. Their brand new car for the season is something the sport of Formula One has never witnessed, and hence it could script new history for the sport. But with the season just four races old, will the team led by Christian Horner would be able to stay put?


Red Bull Has A Chance To Score 1000 Points This Season

Red Bull
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Red Bull’s dominance over the past couple of seasons has been a welcome change for fans of the sport, who have grown accustomed to the dominance of Mercedes in recent years. The German team had won seven Constructors’ Championships till 2021 and has been the team to beat in the sport for much of the last decade. Out of all the contenders, it was Red Bull who managed to break the decade-old shackles and look to script history of their own. Meanwhile, this season, they have a chance to register themselves in the books of history of the sport by securing a rare feat.

As of the end of four race weekends, Red Bull’s total points tally stands at 180, compared to 113 from last season. Moreover, no team is anywhere near those two flying RB19s at the front. Hence, with this pace, the drink-based team can win all the races of the season, provided they do not have to face any technical snags. According to the math, Red Bull could go on to score 1000 points in a singular season, a feat never achieved in the history of the sport. If the team can maintain its current form, it could go down in the history books as one of the greatest teams to ever exist in the sport. For what it’s worth, there is still a long way to go in the season, and anything on any day can happen in the unpredictable world of Formula One.

Red Bulls To Use Special Livery For Miami Grand Prix

Red Bull
A first look at the Miami livery on the RB19. via Red Bull Twitter

Christian Horner, the Red Bull racing’s team manager, announced a unique competition called “Make Your Mark” to increase public involvement. The RB19, this season, will place a custom livery at four of the USA GPs of the calendar. The fans are asked to put their design on paper and submit it to the team, who would further choose the best one to replace it with the current RB19s machinery.

Hence, the upcoming Miami Grand Prix will be the first race that will have a custom livery made by the general public. Martina Andriano, an Argentinian student, is the winner of the first round of competition, and his designed livery will be fixed in the RB19 for the upcoming race. Christian Horner, the Red Bull team principal, said it’s their way to feel more connected to the fans. It’s a practice no other team follows on the grid. Hence, they are happy to be the first team to give it back to the fans as a token of appreciation for their love and support.