Adrian Newey 27 2024

The Formula One community is abuzz with the news of Adrian Newey’s unexpected departure from Red Bull Racing. This seismic shift in the team’s leadership could potentially disrupt their current dominance in the F1 arena. The Milton Keynes-based racing outfit is on the verge of losing the aero wizard amid internal power mayhem in the setup. 

Moreover, things look gloomy since the team boss, Christian Horner, was embroiled in a sexual misconduct case. After all the internal chaos, Newey is unhappy with the management and wants to end his 18-year stint. The aero wizard has been an asset to the team, helping them win thirteen world titles. However, his early exit could be jeopardized due to a 12-month gardening period. On the other hand, an ex-Ferrari engineer has pointed out a strange clause to sidestep the gardening period. 


Ex-Ferrari Engineer Explains The ‘Strange Clause’

Adrian Newey

Red Bull Racing has left every competitor behind with a dominating performance. Newey and Co. is the driving force behind RBR’s dream run. In 2024, the aero expert and his team ensured the team’s success, winning four out of five races. However, the celebration could halt if the rumored Chief Technical Officer’s resignation materializes. However, there is a catch, as Newey must serve a 12-month gardening period before leaving. The contract is active till 2025, and a one-year gardening period will bar Newey from joining a new team until 2027. Additionally, given the upcoming FIA regulations 2026, the veteran engineer may prefer to familiarize himself with the new setup before diving into work. Therefore, the subsequent gardening leave clause presents the biggest obstacle for Newey. 

On the other hand, former Ferrari engineer Ernest Knoor feels that influential people like Newey have the power to negotiate the length of the gardening period. In an interview with Racingnews365, Knoor disapproved of the ‘gardening leave.’ Additionally, he said that Newey has the right to file a lawsuit against the ‘strange clause.’ The ex-Ferrari technical head believes that this clause hinders Newey from performing his duties, requiring legal action. 

Although the official announcement awaits, it’ll be interesting to see whether Adrian Newey takes legal action against the ‘strange’ contract clause. 

Red Bull Chaos: Domino Effect After Newey’s Exit

adrian newey is said to have been unsettled by the christian horner saga.v1

Red Bull Racing is at the receiving end, as the crisis is far from over. In an interview with Gazzetta Dello Sport, Ivan Capelli feels that RBR might face a mass exit. As the technical head, Adrian Newey is on the brink of an exit, so he might not leave alone. Further backing Ernest Knoor’s ‘influential’ tag, Capelli believes that Newey has an impact on the designer team. Moreover, at 65, it will be challenging for him to build a setup from scratch. 

Thus, all these factors may result in a domino effect, causing Neweye’s entire team to leave. Meanwhile, the mass exit would be a big blow to the drink-based outfit, allowing its rivals to thrive.