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Radio Host Explains Issue With Signing Juan Soto In A Long-Term Contract! Issues Caution For Yankees

Juan Soto is a name buzzing around the streets of New York. As the Yankees navigate proper channels to trade the generational star from the San Diego Padres, the fans cannot contain their excitement. A generational outfielder like Soto would not only change the dynamics of Yankee baseball but would also revoke the lost championship hopes.

However, the Yankees front office is facing a steep challenge in the dream Juan Soto’s pursuit. The Padres, for instance, still remain hesitant about putting the outfielder on the trade block. Amid this, a radio host and MLB analyst, Brandon Tierney, noticed another issue with Soto’s hitting skills, which could become a major issue for the Yanks in the long run.


Brandon Tierney Fears A Repeat Of Giancarlo Stanton With Juan Soto!

Juan Soto
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Giancarlo Stanton was acquired by the New York Yankees in 2018 after the former delivered an MVP-level season in 2017. They picked up the slugger from Miami Marlins at a steep price, with the hope of accomplishing the World Series dreams. However, Stanton struggled in the Bronx as injuries and inconsistencies shunted his growth. After an abysmal 2023 season, it’s safe to say that Stanton was nothing short of a bust for the Yanks. Now, WFAN Radio host Brandon Tierney fears the same with Juan Soto. Yanks’ extensive interest in the outfielder is not news. But the Padres’ constantly evolving stance is posing a roadblock.

Nevertheless, even if Padres do offer Juan Soto via a trade deal to the New York Yankees, the latter should think twice, says Tierney. Brandon says that Soto’s hitting skills and talent are not impeccable. His poor base running and weak defence could become an issue in the long run as and when the OF starts ageing. “If you give up everything for Soto and then give him that massive contract…are you eventually back to where you were with Stanton? Can’t field and can’t run,” said Brandon Tierney. The radio host also believes that Soto could end up fetching $375-$400 million if he enters free agency in the 2025 off-season. Needless to say, every acquisition, irrespective of its profile, comes with its own set of risks and challenges. In Soto’s case, his upsides can overrule the negatives on any given day. Thus, the Yankees should consider making a move anyway.

AJ Preller’s Big Dreams Could Stall Juan Soto’s Move To Yankees!

Juan Soto
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The San Diego Padres remain in dire financial trouble. As per a report from The Athletic, the club sought a $50 million loan in 2023 to make ends meet. Thus, to shed over payroll in 2024, the team has to take extreme steps. One significant step would be to trade outfielder Juan Soto, who will earn $30 million in the final year of his existing contract.

However, Padres general manager AJ Preller is not ready to throw in the towel yet. Preller feels trading away Soto would jeopardize the Padres’ 2024 season even before it begins. The GM still believes that the Padres were good enough to win in 2023. Thus, they want to make another strong run in 2024. Juan Soto remains at the heart of the dream. If so happens, the Yankees could find themselves in huge trouble.