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Mercedes Driver George Russell is not having a great season in 2023, as he managed only a single podium finish after ten races so far. But more importantly, it is more of the Mercedes car’s fault. Since the cost cap era began, the former constructor champions failed to develop a title-winning car. The cost cap limits caused a lot of problems for Mercedes regarding their reduction of wind tunnel testing. As a result, they are making a lot of changes to their car every race. But the Brackley-based team has not won a single race yet. A couple of P2 finishes for Lewis Hamilton in the Australian and the Spanish Grands Prix. That’s it for Mercedes.

On the other hand, George Russell had a P3 finish in Barcelona; that is his best performance in 2023 so far. Recently, in Silverstone, fans expected the team to get back to winning ways. But they had to wait for more challenges to come their way. McLaren’s Lando Norris turned out to be faster than Mercedes drivers with a P2 finish. Norris was even close to Max Verstappen and only 3.7 seconds slower than the current double-time champion. Hence, Silver Arrows has new competitors to worry about. Amidst all these, Mercedes prepares to take a wheel arch test in wet weather in Silverstone. These tests will help in increasing the safety of drivers in wet conditions.


Wheel Arch Test In Wet Conditions Can Help In Increasing Safety In Motorsport

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Many drivers in F1 avoid driving in wet weather despite having thoroughly wet tires. These tires can clear about 65 liters of water every second. And the main reason to worry about wet weather races is the visibility of the drivers. It is not only a concern in F1 but also in the junior categories. Recently, Dilano van’t Hoff, a teenage racer, lost his life after a collision in wet weather. Moreover, George Russell mentioned that he feels the spray and poor visibility caused the tragedy. However, Russell was proud to announce that his team is preparing to participate in the wheel arches test. These tests can change the dynamic of wet weather races. Moreover, Mercedes and McLaren are ready to play a crucial role in the trials of a potentially game-changing concept regarding wet weather races.

However, George Russell mentioned Mick Schumacher would take part on behalf of Mercedes on July 13. Lando Norris will join Schumacher for McLaren. George Russell told PlanetF1 that he thinks the idea of these tests is a result of what happened in Japan last year. According to Russell, last year in Japan, half of the 20 cars on the grid were having a hard time seeing 50 meters in front of them in wet weather conditions. Hence, George Russell is happy to say that Mercedes is helping to design the potential mudguards that will prevent the spray as much as possible. Moreover, Russell suggests that it will take time to understand the effects and what to implement. But he is proud that his team is taking charge of designing the safety of the F1 sport. 

George Russell Had A Tough Time After Coming To Mercedes From Williams

George Russell Toto Wolff Mercedes
George Russell Toto Wolff Mercedes Source: RacingNews365

It has been quite a tough transition for George Russell to come to Mercedes from Williams. He joined Mercedes in hopes of winning a championship. The 25-year-old British driver made his debut for Mercedes in 2022. Since last year, Toto Wolff’s team has lost their grip on the title.

However, Mercedes, with the duo of Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, won the constructor title in 2021. Even though Hamilton lost the driver’s championship that year. But last year, George Russell won the only race for the Mercedes team in Sao Paolo, Brazil. It was his maiden Grand Prix victory. However, it did not change the luck for Mercedes or its drivers as they are still struggling with the car.