Carlos Rodon

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Pitcher Carlos Rodon Spotted At New York Yankees Stadium, A Return On Cards?

In a desperate bid to end the pitching woes, the New York Yankees signed ex-Giants pitcher Carlos Rodon in free agency. Rodon was locked in a six-year contract worth $162 million. The team laid a lot of hopes in the southpaw. However, fate had its own play. The whole acquisition turned into the biggest nightmare for the Yankees.

Carlos Rodon only lasted two innings in the pinstripes before getting injured in spring training. A forearm strain landed the pitcher on the IL for an indefinite period. As a result, he missed his season debut on the opening day. On top of that, Rodon’s status kept on getting worsened as the season progressed. One injury led to another, which eventually delayed his return. However, the pitcher had taken a big step in the rehab process recently and might be on the cards for a quick return.


Carlos Rodon Is Back In New York To Continue Rehab Process

Carlos Rodon

After sustaining a forearm injury, Carlos Rodon had to stay back at the Yankees rehab facility in Tampa, Florida. His stayed prolonged due to another injury. After his throwing arm healed, the pitcher got diagnosed with a chronic back issue, which ended up delaying his return to the mound. It reached a point where the Yankees had to shut down their throwing activities. After the necessary consultation with the medical staff, Carlos took a cortisone shot to speed up his healing process.

Two weeks after taking the injection, Carlos Rodon was spotted at the Yankees stadium, practicing throwing and doing drills. He played catch from 120 feet and threw about 45 times. Speaking after the session, Rodon confirmed that he isn’t feeling any pain after taking the cortisone shot. However, he still cannot put a timeline on his probable return. Aaron Boone, the Yankees manager, reckoned that Rodon looked good in shape, but the team still wanted to stay patient with him. By the end of the ongoing week, they can schedule a bullpen session if all things seem well. Regardless, Rodon still has to hit multiple bullpen and live sessions before he can aim at a return.

“It’s Not Fun,” Yankees’ Rodon Hates Being Sidelined 

Carlos Rodon
Carlos Rodon (New York Yankees) Kim Klement | USA TODAY Sports

This year has been tough on the Yankees pitcher Carlos Rodon professionally. After securing a stellar contract, it was time for him to prove his worth. However, due to unfortunate injuries, the pitcher got sidelines, and he hates it. In an interview, Rodon opened up and said he is feeling extremely unhappy to see the boys playing from the sidelines. He wants to contribute and be a part of the starry lineup. After all, it’s what the team signed him for.

On the other hand, Carlos Rodon also understands that he needs to stay patient with his recovery process. Rushing into things can lead to a disaster which he wants to avoid at any cost. Regardless, the pitcher is happy to be back at the Yankees clubhouse and be a part of the whole squad for possibly the first time this season.