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Patrick Beverley Sledged LeBron James With “TOO SMALL” Celebration, Feuding With Lakers After Bulls Win

Unfortunately, LeBron James’ long-due return was unable to bring a grand win to the Los Angeles Lakers. Looks like the only good news after the game for the Lakers fans is that their star has finally returned. Moreover, the squad dropped down to the 9th seed from a seed higher. It was not at all the satisfying comeback LeBron James was hoping for. Not only that, another big concern is that the team could not hold onto another streak. But that kind of has been this season for the LA side. The lack of a streak has been a major problem for the Lakers.

After the loss to the Bulls, Darvin Ham’s side is now sharing the same win-loss ratio with the Thunder. Now, both the Lakers and the Thunder are fighting for the 9th seed. New Orleans Pelicans have played one less game and are currently holding the 8th seed. If the Pelicans lose their next game, then three teams will share the same ratio – the Lakers, the Thunder, and then the Pelicans. Till then, the 9th-seed Lakers will need to fight their way back into the winning ways.


Patrick Beverley Took A Sweet Revenge On The Lakers

The next game of the Lakers is against the same opponents, Chicago Bulls, in United Centre, Chicago. This game is going to be interesting after what happened last night. Last night, the former Laker Patrick Beverley helped his new team win against the hosts with a lot of passion. Pat Bev clearly saw the previous night’s game as a revenge game against the Lakers. He was traded to the Magic for Mo Bamba last February. Later he signed a contract with his hometown franchise Chicago Bulls.

LeBron James Lakers
LeBron James Lakers

Meanwhile, it seems that he wanted sweet revenge like last night for a long time. As a result, during the game, Patrick Beverley made a couple of gestures that prove he wanted to make a point last night. Perhaps Beverley wanted to say that it was a big mistake to let him go. Or maybe it was something else. At first, Pat shot a basket over LeBron James and made a “too small” sign suggesting James was not tall enough. On the contrary, Beverley is 6’2, whereas James is 6’9.

The Bulls Will Wait For A Reply From The LA Side In Next Game

Later, Beverley made another gesture towards a fan of the Lakers, Shannon Sharpe, that the LA side “stinks.” All these gestures were meant for the LA crowd to get riled up. But after the game, Bev mentioned that he was grateful to the Los Angeles side for the wonderful memories. He is especially grateful to LeBron James, who has always been a big brother to him since his days with Miami Heat.

Hence at the end of the game, Pat said there are no hard feelings between the franchise and the man. After all this drama, the next game should be interesting to see how the Lakers respond to this Beverley blow. James must be keen to lead the team in providing a good reply to Beverley as the Lakers’ big man. The clock is ticking faster than ever for the Lakers, as there are only seven games remaining in the regular season.