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“Our Strength Is Purely Aerodynamic” Red Bull Technical Director Rejects Supreme DRS Advantage Claims

The Red Bull Racing team is leading the constructors’ championship with a 100% win record this season. Along with drivers’ diligent efforts, the team’s machinery of the year, RB19, has contributed heavily to the team’s successful run. The men back at Milton Keynes created a masterpiece that is over 10 seconds quicker than its immediate competitors.

One common notion perceived by the fans and analysts alike is that RB19 has developed a strong wing which is earning them a supreme DRS advantage on the straights. To be fair, the Red Bull car’s pace on the straights has been extremely remarkable, and it’s a prominent reason behind the wide gap. However, the team’s technical director has rejected the claims and revealed the actual reason behind the car’s performance.


Red Bull Technical Director Credits Aerodynamic Efficiency For RB19’s Extraordinary Pace

Pierre Wache
Credit: Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool

RB19’s superior DRS has amazed the whole Formula One paddock. Many believe that with the kind of DRS RB19 possess, Red Bull will seemingly retain their undefeatable streak this season. However, the team’s chief technical director has rejected the popular notion. Pierre Wache spoke to French media outlet L’Equipe and said that there is no magic in RB19’s DRS. In fact, its wing does not even open more widely than its peers. The effectiveness of the car comes from the overall concept of the machinery. Pierre claims that their strength is purely aerodynamic. The genius minds back in Milton Keynes worked diligently on aerodynamics, and it’s the key reason behind the car’s strong performance on the tracks.

To be fair, Red Bull’s pace isn’t generated from the DRS alone. The interaction of the airflow between aerodynamic parts in the rear side also plays a huge role in making the car quicker on straights. Having said that, Red Bull has worked hard in the R&D department to develop a car that stands apart on the track. Be it the floor, the wing, or the rears, each component is superior to the others, which makes the machinery strong as a whole. As the second half kicks off later this month, the drink-based team will have an opportunity to script history by going undefeatable the whole season. It looks like a pipe dream for now, but not unattainable.

F1 Pundit Slams Fans Complaining Of Red Bull’s Dominance

Max Verstappen

Meanwhile, Red Bull Racing’s unwavering dominance on the tracks of Formula One is not being appreciated by a certain fraction of fans. They suggest that the sport is getting predictable and boring. However, F1 pundit David Croft differed and, in fact, slammed those fans for disregarding the Milton Keynes-based team’s diligent efforts. He said that if one finds the sight of cars going at 200 miles an hour plus boring, he cannot help them.

David Croft further added that it’s easy to join the herd and criticize Red Bull Racing’s dominance just because Max Verstappen is winning all the time. However, it takes true F1 fans to truly appreciate the excellence and the efforts that go into staying consistently at the top. It’s not easy and definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. Lastly, Croft urged the fans to appreciate elite racing while they can, as it won’t stay forever.