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“Our Everyday Guy,” Yankees Skipper Sets High Expectations From Superstar Juan Soto

Juan Soto, widely regarded as one of baseball’s best hitters, joined forces with the New York Yankees this season. He landed in the Bronx via a blockbuster trade deal. The Yanks parted with five major leaguers to secure one year of Soto’s services. Regardless, the franchise is pleased with the risk as they expect to reap rewards of the same this year.

Juan Soto will team up with former AL-MVP and Yankees captain Aaron Judge in 2024. The duo’s home run-hitting ability is second to none. Thus, the fierce duo are slated to produce wonders for the team this season. Meanwhile, ahead of spring training, skipper Aaron Boone shed light on his workload plan for Soto.


Juan Soto To Play Everyday OF In Yankees Lineup, Confirms Aaron Boone

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The formidable 25-year-old slugger Juan Soto will don the iconic pinstripes this MLB season. The slugger is coming off a 35-home run season, which is a positive sign for the Bronx Bombers. Additionally, Soto has been leading the league in walks since 2018. That indicates how Soto is more than just a home run-hitting slugger. Having said that, Juan Soto is expected to play primarily in right field. Captain Aaron Judge will likely be pushed to center with Alex Verdugo on the left. However, as far as Soto batting position is concerned, Boone and Judge’s views are divided. Regardless, things will be sorted out once spring training commences in two weeks.

Meanwhile, Yankees skipper Aaron Boone recently appeared in a fan meet hosted by Talkin Yanks. He talked about expectations from Juan Soto. Boone says he expects the young guy to be an everyday outfielder for the team this year. He understands how Soto joined the team on only a one-year guarantee. Thus, the club wants to make the most of the slugger’s prowess to contest for the World Series championship in the 2024 MLB season. Having said that, Aaron Boone also understands the importance of workload management for position players, especially aging players. However, that does not concern Juan Soto, as he is young. Boone confirmed that he does not plan on resting Soto or even Aaron Judge, for that matter, without any viable injury concern.

Aaron Judge To Land In Center Field Until ‘The Martian’ Return

A home run from Aaron Judge and contributions from a bunch of rookies, Jasson Dominguez included, keyed the Yankees’ 5-4 win in Houston on Saturday night.AP

Juan Soto’s addition had a ripple effect on Aaron Judge’s regular outfield position. Judge is primarily a right fielder. But he played center field in 2022 without any restrictions. Thus, as Soto will now hold the right field position, Aaron Boone has placed Judge in center once again. However, the fans have raised concerns with respect to the wear and tear of the captain’s physique.

Aaron Judge is coming off a gruesome toe injury. Thus, many opine it’s unideal for the Yankees skipper to field Judge in center field, considering the demanding nature of the outfield position. However, manager Boone clarified that the Yankees captain would only hold the fort until Jasson Dominguez’s return. The kid is slated to return in the second half of the 2024 season owing to Tommy John surgery.

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